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Friday, 11 July 2014

How to know what illness you have and how to cure it?

Most of the people ignores health related issues\symptoms at the earlier stage, we care about it only when the pain is unbearable or we are unable to do our routine work. 

I would suggest you to WebMD Symptom Checker it before going to the doctor so that you know more about your illness and possible treatment.

Follow below mentioned steps to find out what illness you might have and what would be the treatment\advise for it. 

We will be using WebMD Symptom checker, you can either access the symptom checker tool online or use WebMD Symptom checker application on your smart-phone.

1. Access http://symptoms.webmd.com if you are on your computer (Desktop \ Laptop), if you are on your smartphone or tablet you may be required to download WebMD app.

2. Specify Gender, Age, Zip Code, Email ID. (you may not provide zip code and email id as they are optional).

Note: If you provide your email id you will get latest health news from WebMD to your specified email id.

3. Click Submit button.

4. Now to choose symptoms, move mouse cursor over the human body image and select the part where you have problem. 
I have selected abdomen, once you select the body part, you will get option to select further sub part if any, again move mouse cursor, now select either upper abdomen or lower abdomen.
I have selected lower abdomen, now select list of symptoms you are experiencing related to that body part by clicking +icon.

Note: You can click 'Back view' if you don't have health issue in front view.

5. Now verify the symptoms you have selected, add\remove any if you want.

6. Now you will see possible conditions you might have related to that body part, click each possible condition(s) to see detailed information such as overview, treatment, self care, when to see Doctor etc.

7. To go back click edit symptoms.

If you need further help on how to use this self diagnose symptom checker, click here to watch YouTube video.

Also, you can download WebMD Symptom Checker for your smart phone (Android, iPhone, Kindle fire). 

Are you experiencing any health symptoms? if so then don't wait start the self diagnose test right now.

Also, you may refer screen-shot to see how the WebMD Symptom Checker looks like.

Author : Pankaj // 17:54

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