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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

How to find out what people are searching over Internet?

Internet is very much essential Today to keep ourself ahead in Life, Today information reaches faster over Internet then it reaches on TV, Radio etc.

Yesterday, I was going through Google Hot Trends and I found that Google is doing awesome job by analyzing user search queries and then preparing reports on hot searches over Internet.

This is called Google Hot Searches Trends. You can see daily report, monthly report, Visual view.

Follow these steps to know what is being searched over Internet at present.

1. Access http://www.google.co.in/trends/hottrends

2. Now select the country for which you want to see the hot trends.

How-to-find-out-what-people-are-searching-over-Internet3. Select 31 Days options if you want to see the hot trends for the entire running month like a calendar.

4. If you want you can subscribe to selected hot trends so that you can get an email alert from Google, click subscribe button and then specify when (As it happens, once a day, once a week) you should get an email notification and click subscribe.

5. Also, you can click on visualize search to view the result in more attractive way, ref. screenshot to see how visual search result look likes.

Note: The email notification can be cancelled \ removed later if not required. 

Please ref. screes-shot if you find difficulty in finding these options.

Author : Pankaj // 17:53

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