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Saturday, 13 July 2013

How to leave a group in WhatsApp in Windows Phone

WhatsApp is an application developed by Ex Yahoo employees, it’s cool to be using WhatsApp, but problems starts when someone adds you to a WhatsApp group and then member of that group keep sending silly messages, emoticon (smiley), etc. every couple of minutes.
Using WhatsApp becomes irritating due to floods of message received via a WhatsApp group(s).

Sometimes people uninstall WhatsApp app itself to get relief.

If you cannot keep checking WhatsApp updates regularly, then it would take time to load all messages for a group, providing group members are sending so many messages, videos, pics etc.

Coming to the point........

How to leave \ exit a group in WhatsApp? How to remove yourself from a group in WhatsApp?.


      1.    Open WhatsApp application.

      2.    Under Chat section, Tap the group you want to leave and delete and then choose ‘Delete and Exit the group’ option.


      -    All messages (Including Videos, Pictures) exchanged via the group will get deleted, save any pictures, videos, messages etc. before leaving the group.

       - All other group members will get a notification message that you have left the group.

-          - These steps are recorded from WhatsApp version 2.9.4

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