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Saturday, 6 April 2013

How to scan flash drive

how to scan flash drive
It is important to keep all documents virus free because if they are infected with virus then we may not be able to open (view) them or content of the document may go missing or become garbage
Earlier people used to keep most important data files backup on CDs and DVDs, but now the trend has changed and flash drive a.ka. pendrive has been used for backing up important files, document etc.

How to scan flash drive?

     1.    First make sure you have Antivirus (I use Avast free Antivirus) software installed on your computer or on a laptop.

     2.    Now make sure the Antivirus has latest updated virus definition (protection) file, if not download latest virus definition file, for this you will require active working Internet connection or you can get virus definition file downloaded from other machine and then copy to your machine and run the update file.

    3.    Now plug-in (connect) the flash drive to your computer.

how to scan flash drive
4.    Point your cursor to the ‘Start’ menu and right click, then choose ‘Explore’ option.

    5.    Now in drive(s) list your flash drive will be listed.

    6.    Right click the flash drive and choose ‘Scan’ option.
    7.    This will open up Antivirus scanning pop-up window and start scanning files folders inside flash drive automatically, if you want can click pause or stop option if required.

Please click screenshot for reference.

Antivirus protection safety tips.

1. Never double click and open the flash drive, always right click explore.

2. Never share your flash drive if it contain private confidential documents.
     Note: The steps are recorded from Windows XP machine having Avast free antivirus hence may vary for your computer, if you have different operating system version.

Friday, 5 April 2013

How to learn English from Hindi movies

Today, I came across a new feature provided by Google YouTube services which helps see us English translation of videos in any other language.

This new feature of YouTube service is called as automatic caption (cc).

Once we turn on this feature we can see English text of conversation at the bottom of the video player screen. 

Please see screenshot for reference.

how to learn english from hindi movie
Benefits of YouTube automatic caption (cc) feature?

I found following benefits (advantages) of this feature of YouTube services.

      1.    Learning English become easier – Now we can learn English along with entertainment. Simply watch any of your favorite’s movies on YouTube and then turn on automatic caption (cc) feature.

      2.    Understanding videos in different English accent become easier. – Sometime we do watches interviews, How To’s videos which may have different English accents, turn on automatic caption (cc) feature, this will help you understand the conversation easily.

How to enable YouTube automatic caption (cc) feature?

    1.    Access YouTube.com in your computer browser, not sure whether this feature is available in mobile phones, but should be available in Apple iPADs.

     2.    Now search for your favorite’s movies, interviews, How To’s videos etc.

     3.    Select them to play.

     4.    Now at the bottom of the screen player, click cc icon and you are done.

How to disable YouTube automatic caption (cc) feature?

     1.    Click cc icon again and then click “Turn Captions Off”.


I found that this feature does not work or not available in videos captured using screen capture tool with computer screenshots and audio.

You have to turn on this feature on individual video's. 

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