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Sunday, 3 March 2013

How to calculate age

How to calculate age
Age is very easy to calculate, but it takes time if you want to figure out months, days, and minutes along with years. When we have online utilities available to calculate age why not use such utility. 

I have been using fingures to calculate age in years many a time but in such manual calculation we might make mistake, hence I thought to share online age calculation utility for my blog readers.

The interesting thing about this utility is it can let us know since how many Days, hours, minutes we are living on this earth and such calculation would take time if we do it manually.

How to calculate age?

1. Click here to access online free age calculator.
2. Leave Today's date is section as it is.
3. Now enter your date of birth (DOB) in Enter your date of birth section.
4. Click 'Go' button at the bottom of it.

The moment we hit go button, we will get following information, the information provided is for example only.

Your Age is        32 Years, 11 month, and 15 days

Your Age in Days   12039 days since your birth

Your Age in Hours  288936 hours since your birth (Approximate)

Your Age in Minutes  17336160 minutes since your birth (Approximate)

And number of of days left for your next birthday, so you can calculate number of Days remaining for your next birthday as well.

Please see screen-shot for reference.

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Author : Pankaj // 05:10

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