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Monday, 4 March 2013

How to access computer from Internet

How to access my computer from Internet
So, you want to control your home computer from Internet (College, Office, Cafe etc.), I would recommend to use LogMeIn free service for controlling your computer remotely.

Although there are many software utilities through which we can access our computer from all places where Internet service is available, but we will use LogMeIn as it is most reliable and widely used, in office we are using LogMeIn for troubleshooting our client computers located all around the world. We have installed LogMeIn client on 3,00,000 (.3 million) computers.

Here we are sharing step by step to connect your computer from Internet using LogMeIn Free remote desktop controlling software. 

How to access computer from Internet?

How to access a computer remotely?

How to install LogMeIn?

How to access my computer from Internet
   1.    Click here to access LogMeIn Products page.

   2.    Now Click Try it Free in right hand side inside Access section.

   3.    In next screen you will be asked to enter following information, enter this information and click ‘Continue’. See screenshot for reference.

Email Address



Choose LogMeIn purpose

How to access my computer from Internet
    4.    Now Click ‘Download & Install Software’.

    5.    Now have a look at the screenshot, within couple of seconds you will see a pop-up to download the LogMeIn setup file, at present the setup file size is 19.7 MB.

    -       If in case download does not start or you click cancel button accidentally then you can restart download by clicking restart the download. The setup should get downloaded in couple of minutes over cable connection.
    -       If this is office computer then you might require taking help of local IT technician as you may not have privilege to install the software.

   6.    Meanwhile the setup gets downloaded, check your Inbox and click the link sent from LogMeIn. This will verify your LogMeIn account, after verification you see following message.

LogMeIn account verified
Your LogMeIn account, yourusername@gmail.com has been verified.

   7.    Once the setup is downloaded, run it and click ‘Next’. In next screen you will see your email address as account holder name, click ‘Next’ again. Click ‘I Agree’.

In next screen choose ‘Typical (Recommended)’ and click ‘Next’.

In next screen, change computer name or leave it as it is and click ‘Next’.

In next screen enter ‘email address’ and ‘password’ and choose ‘LogMeIn Free’ and click ‘Next’, installation will start now.

Click ‘Finish’ when installation setup completes.

-       Enter the email address and password which you had entered in step 3.
-       You must have 70+ MB free disk space in your C: drive for setup to complete.
    8.    The installation is now completed, you will see round shape blue color icon in your task tray near computer clock.
    9.    Now access LogMeIn.com from other computer or laptop, use the email ID and password provided in step 3 for login.

   10.  You will see your computer listed and online. Click the computer name to take remote control, now enter your local computer login credentials which you use daily for login and click Login.


With LogMeIn you can access one computer from another computer.

Important Notes:

-        You must keep your computer / laptop, modem, wireless Internet turned on to access your computer over Internet.

-        LogMeIn service should be running and active else you won’t be able to connect to your machine.
-       You can download mobile version of LogMeIn to access your computer from mobile.

Do you have any query or need help, please leave us a comment; we are always there to help you.

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Author : Pankaj // 17:23

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