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Sunday, 3 March 2013

How do I stop receiving emails

How do I stop receiving emails
Daily I receives around 10-15 emails, and these emails includes Facebook notifications, job notifications, Bank transaction alerts, Microsoft alerts, junk email etc. This was not an problem until I started using smart-phone (Samsung Omnia W - Windows Phone) and configured my emails on it.

Every hours or so I am getting email notification alerts on my phone, I want to get rid of this emails as this emails disturbs me a lot and are of no use or very little use for me. I would want to get only required and useful emails only.

I have 4000+ emails in my Hotmail (Outlook) but only 10% emails are of use, rest are either junk or notification emails.

When should we stop receiving emails?

1. When you do not require to receive notifications emails or alert emails.
2. When you are getting lot of junk emails.

How do I stop receiving emails?

Their are various ways through which we can stop getting emails.

1. How to stop receiving spam emails?
First increase the spam filtering level if spam filtering option (feature) is available and second mark email as spam if some email does not get filtered by spam filtering software appliction.

2. How to stop receiving notification emails?
Go to the bottom of the email which you want to unsubscribe, then click unsubscribe link, follow the step mention in the website and confirm it, next time you will not receive that particular notification.

3. How to stop receiving Facebook emails?
Login to your Facebook a/c and then go to notifications page and uncheck all check boxes, once this is done you will not get email notifications from Facebook.


- Some emails are notifications are critical and also cant be blocked so we should worry about them.
- Some email are advertisement emails sent by email service provider hence cant be blocked.
- We should occasionally check our junk email folder to make sure that good (genuine) messages don't get missed.
- You should check junk email folder when somebody sent you an email but you didn't received email in inbox.

We hope your inbox is now clear and you have only required emails in it, if you need help or have any query, please leave us a comment. We are happy to help you.

Author : Pankaj // 03:08

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