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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Upload photos from camera to Facebook

Upload photos from camera to Facebook
Dear Reader, we have a new product in Samsung electronics's camera series, Samsung has released a camera which has Wi-Fi feature, this should be a affordable camera model compared to the one which has 3G/4G features.

So, what's really good about it, now you can upload photos right from your camera, no need to transfer photos, video via USB cable to your PC and upload them over social media sites (Facebook, Twitter).

WOW!!! now we can instantly share things with our loved ones.

This series of Samsung camera's are called as Samsung Galaxy Camera. These camera runs on Android (Jelly Bean) operating system with Wi-Fi feature.

Now we can share photos, videos with family and friends over social media and email instantly.

We have 21x Optical zoom facility and FULL HD capability with so many value added services such as: Slow motion, Panorama, Voice control etc.

Samsung Galaxy Camera specifications.

1. Processor - 1.4GHz Quad-Core
2. Memory - 8GB
3. Operating system -  Android (Jelly Bean)
4. Connectivity - Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 
5. Google Services - Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Latitude, YouTube, Gtalk etc.
6. Weight - 300gram
7. Battery - 1,650 mAh

Note: You will require Wi-Fi Access Point or HotSpot to connect and share photos and videos over Internet.

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Author : Pankaj // 13:27

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