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Monday, 11 February 2013

Most Popular Country as per Wikipedia

Today, I was trying to find out most popular country in the word, but unfortunately Google couldn't help my get the answer, it returned answer's but they were like most popular country by tourists, population, and richness.

But, I wanted to know In general, in totality which country is most popular.

Since I am system engineer and don't have enough data to find out most popular country in general, so I thought to find out which country is most popular on Wikipedia, I choose Wikipedia, as Wikipedia is world famous encyclopedia and people across the world usages Wikipedia for general knowledge.

As of Today, United States (US) is top most popular country in the world over Internet.

United States (US), India (Bharat), United Kingdom (UK) are 3 top most popular country in the world as per Wikipedia rank.

But as per monthly pageviews Australia, China, and United States are 3 top most popular contry.

Please see below detailed information in a table which shows overall rank and monthly pageviews.
# Rank Country Name Wikipedia 
1 United States (US) 18 13 Lakhs
2 India 39 10 Lakhs
3 United Kingdom (UK) 41 9 Lakhs
4 Canada 50 7 Lakhs
5 Australia 79 30 Lakhs
6 Germany 98 6 Lakhs
7 Russia 99 5 Lakhs
8 France 102 7 Lakhs
9 Japan 104 6 Lakhs
10 England 111 4 Lakhs
11 China 114 15 Lakhs

I don't know why Wikipedia has given good rank to some country even though they have less traffic compared to other country, may be Wikipedia may have its own mechanism to automate the ranking.

What it pageviews? Pageview is number of times people accessed the website or an article inside the website. example: if daily pageview of a article or website is 100, than that means it was accessed (read) by 100 times.


Author : Pankaj // 09:19

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