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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

How to turn off phone network connection

Sometimes we must turn off our mobile phone network connection as it has multiple benefits, you will save phone battery, their will be no radiation.

When to turn off phone network connection?

1. No Network coverage: When you have either no network coverage or coverage is very low, your phone network signal is very weak.

2. Stop draining battery: This is essential if you are traveling and no power connection is available for longtime, turn on network connection if required and do inform your family about it so they don't panic.

Benefits of turning off phone network connection?

1. Save battery power: The battery would drain faster as it keep searching for good network signal.

2. Stop high radiation: When low network signal, the radiation is higher

How to turn off phone network connection in Windows Phone?

1. Go to Settings menu.
2. Select Flight mode option.
3. Now slide to right to Turn ON Flight mode

How to turn off phone network connection in all other phones (Android, IOS, Symbian)?

Above steps were specific to Windows Phone, for other phones it may be wary, but in general you need to go to Settings menu and then network settings and Flight mode.


- When flight mode is Turned ON, you will see a airplane icon instead network signal strength.
- Here we are talking about network connection and not about data (Internet) connection.

Applies To:

CDMA/GSM/3G Technology

Author : Pankaj // 07:06

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