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Monday, 25 February 2013

How to save picture, videos in WhatsApp in Windows Phone

Now Days, people use Whatsapp more than Email and other chat medium for communication. I like the concept very much as we don't have to wait to get a document, picture, video etc. just send it and the receiver will get a notification instantly.

How to save picture, videos in WhatsApp in Windows Phone
How to save picture in WhatsApp in Windows Phone?

1. Tap over the picture you received in WhatsApp.
2. Click 'Save' option.
3. If the picture is open in full screen mode then press ... and then press 'save' option.

Note: Pictures (Photos) will get saved in Picture library under 'Albums' in 'Saved pictures' section.

How to save videos in WhatsApp in Windows Phone?

We do not have save option for videos unlike for pictures.

In Windows Phone we do not get option like save video when we tap over a video sent over WhatsApp. This option is available in Android version of WhatsApp, also it creates a folder for files received through WhatsApp in phone memory.

The good thing is once video is streamed (downloaded) it gets saved in local hard disk of WP (Windows Phone) and this video can be viewed anytime without requiring to turn on Internet (GPRS) data connection.

But, the difficulty is searching previous videos through chat history with different people in WhatsApp.

I hope in new version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone will have facility to save WhatsApp video in phone memory of Windows Phone, also we expect to have folder for WhatsApp content.

Applies To:
WhatsApp version: 2.8.10
Windows Phone 7.5, 7.8

Author : Pankaj // 08:02

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