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Saturday, 9 February 2013

How to find out when a Wikipedia article was created

How to find out when a Wikipedia article was created
As we know Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia and is edited by people across the world throughout the Day. With Wikipedia I have gained lot of knowledge about people, places, country, history, etc. that too free without any susbscription or login.

I hope you now that anybody can create or edit pages (article) on Wikipedia free by creating login ID on Wikpedia portal.

How to find out when a Wikipedia article was created?

1. Access the Wikipedia article for which you want to check creation date, for example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/India

2. Now click 'Page Information' link under Toolbox in left pane.

3. Now scroll and see 'Date of page creation' under section: Edit History.

For India page on Wikpedia, the creation date is 17:25, 26 October 2001

Along with page creation date, you can also find out the orignal creater of the page and latest page editor under Edit History section.

Please find below other information you would get to know from Edit History section in a table, below statics are specfic to India page on Wikiepdia.

Date of latest edit                                                08:05, 7 February 2013
Total number of edits                                          20,231
Total number of distinct authors                          5,815
Recent number of edits (within past 30 days)      45
Recent number of distinct authors                       24

Note: You do NOT require to login to Wikipedia portal or require login credentials to access this information, it's all free.

Author : Pankaj // 11:58

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