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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How to block WhatsApp contact on Windows Phone

I have been looking to see an option in Whatsapp in Windows Phone to block a contact to stop getting messages, images, and videos but I could not see any option.

I then checked with my friend who is using Android phone and he does have a option to block a contact in WhatsApp then I thought might be Windows Phone version of WhatsApp does not have feature to block a contact.

It's Today morning, I got a message from my friends, who's mobile number is not saved in my phone contact, Today while going through the chat history with this friend, I thought to recheck whether block option is available as recently I had upgraded WhatsApp application on my phone and yes, I could see an option to block a contact.

To make sure whether upgrade has make this option available, I checked other Whatsapp contacts which are saved in my phone as a contact but I did not see contact blocking option.

How to block Whatsapp contact on Windows Phone?

1. Access WhatsApp application.
2. From Chats or Favorites list, access (open) the contact you want to block.
3. Then press ... option at the bottom and choose block.
4. Select Yes when you are prompted for confirmation.

Note: I tried blocking one contact but server is taking time, it seems my Internet connection is slow or may be WhatsApp server is slow which is causing the delay.

1. You can a block contact in WhatsApp only if the mobile number mentioned in WhatsApp is not saved as your contact.
2. If the mobile number is saved as a contact then use inbuilt contact blocking option in Windows Phone, but this will block calling as well along with blocking messages, images, and videos. Go to Settings > Call Blocking > Add from contacts.

Applies To:
WhatsApp version: 2.8.10
Windows Phone OS version: 7.5 Mango

Author : Pankaj // 11:40

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