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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Comparing Google search suggestions across countries

Comparing Google search suggestions across country wise search engine domains.

Last month me and my colleague was doing some research on Google search suggestions across various countries, I think everybody knows that Google has custom domain names for each country like for India it is Google.co.in, for Japan it is Google.co.jp and so on.

We tried accessing couple of countries Google search engine and tried searching for common query like: How to

We were amazed to see search suggestions, please see below brief.

India: In India, How to query gave quick suggestions as following.

How to kiss, How to get pregnant etc

Japan: In Japan, How to query gave quick suggestions as following.

How to make six packs, How to build muscle etc.

Note: Search suggestions were similar to India for Pakistan and Bangladesh country.

So, what I think is probably people in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are searching for such queries frequently that's why Google is returning such quick suggestions.

Author : Pankaj // 14:53

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