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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Cell phone battery swelling

All you need to know about cell phone battery swelling
Has your cell phone battery swollen? like my phone, I had bought used Windows cell phone, model: Samsung Omnia W, It worked well for around 2 months but after that its battery started swelling. I was like why I bought a resale (used) phone. This is the smartphone running Windows Phone OS 7.5 Mango version.

What happens when cell phone battery starts swelling?

1. Phone gets turned off automatically without any notification.
2. Can't lock the phone back cover as phone battery has swollen.
3. Phone battery will drain (discharge) faster.

Note: Since the time battery has swollen, my phone went off automatically multiple times while surfing the net and listening to music even though 70% phone battery was charged.

4. Phone battery won't last longer than an hour or may be less than that.
5. Saved password for websites will get erased and you will have to re-enter login credentials.

What causes cell phone battery swelling?

1. If you overcharge the battery.
2. If Battery have some issue.

What to do when phone battery has swollen?

Can we fix, solve swollen phone battery? No, we need to replace the battery.

1. If it's just 6 month you have bought the phone from authorized phone store and it is in warranty then phone company would replace the battery without any charges.
2. If not than you would need to buy new battery as phone battery warranty (6 month) is over.

Important Notes/Tips:

1. Do not used swollen battery, temporary you can use it but get it replaced as soon as possible.
2. If you have old working cell phone then temporary use that meanwhile.
3. Buy original phone battery instead cheap battery as they would last longer and will be safe.
4. Do not keep phone for charging over night and recharge only whenever required.

Applies To:
Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Apple, etc. all type of mobile phones.

Author : Pankaj // 11:02

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