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Monday, 25 February 2013

How to save picture, videos in WhatsApp in Windows Phone

Now Days, people use Whatsapp more than Email and other chat medium for communication. I like the concept very much as we don't have to wait to get a document, picture, video etc. just send it and the receiver will get a notification instantly.

How to save picture, videos in WhatsApp in Windows Phone
How to save picture in WhatsApp in Windows Phone?

1. Tap over the picture you received in WhatsApp.
2. Click 'Save' option.
3. If the picture is open in full screen mode then press ... and then press 'save' option.

Note: Pictures (Photos) will get saved in Picture library under 'Albums' in 'Saved pictures' section.

How to save videos in WhatsApp in Windows Phone?

We do not have save option for videos unlike for pictures.

In Windows Phone we do not get option like save video when we tap over a video sent over WhatsApp. This option is available in Android version of WhatsApp, also it creates a folder for files received through WhatsApp in phone memory.

The good thing is once video is streamed (downloaded) it gets saved in local hard disk of WP (Windows Phone) and this video can be viewed anytime without requiring to turn on Internet (GPRS) data connection.

But, the difficulty is searching previous videos through chat history with different people in WhatsApp.

I hope in new version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone will have facility to save WhatsApp video in phone memory of Windows Phone, also we expect to have folder for WhatsApp content.

Applies To:
WhatsApp version: 2.8.10
Windows Phone 7.5, 7.8

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Upload photos from camera to Facebook

Upload photos from camera to Facebook
Dear Reader, we have a new product in Samsung electronics's camera series, Samsung has released a camera which has Wi-Fi feature, this should be a affordable camera model compared to the one which has 3G/4G features.

So, what's really good about it, now you can upload photos right from your camera, no need to transfer photos, video via USB cable to your PC and upload them over social media sites (Facebook, Twitter).

WOW!!! now we can instantly share things with our loved ones.

This series of Samsung camera's are called as Samsung Galaxy Camera. These camera runs on Android (Jelly Bean) operating system with Wi-Fi feature.

Now we can share photos, videos with family and friends over social media and email instantly.

We have 21x Optical zoom facility and FULL HD capability with so many value added services such as: Slow motion, Panorama, Voice control etc.

Samsung Galaxy Camera specifications.

1. Processor - 1.4GHz Quad-Core
2. Memory - 8GB
3. Operating system -  Android (Jelly Bean)
4. Connectivity - Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 
5. Google Services - Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Latitude, YouTube, Gtalk etc.
6. Weight - 300gram
7. Battery - 1,650 mAh

Note: You will require Wi-Fi Access Point or HotSpot to connect and share photos and videos over Internet.

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

How to find train speed

Before finding this app, I use to assume that Mumbai (Bombay) local trains are running at a speed of 60km/h.

I was curious to know the train speed right from my mobile phone as I have a smartphone.

After searching marketplace for such app on my Windows Phone I found the app named: Speedometer, this is 1mb app.

With this app we can find speed of any vehicles, be it car, bus, auto etc. Even you can run measure your running speed.

MUMBAI local western train max speed is 80km/h and average as 60km/h.

1. This app should be available for Android OS as well.
2. You do not require GPRS to use this app.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Cell phone battery swelling

All you need to know about cell phone battery swelling
Has your cell phone battery swollen? like my phone, I had bought used Windows cell phone, model: Samsung Omnia W, It worked well for around 2 months but after that its battery started swelling. I was like why I bought a resale (used) phone. This is the smartphone running Windows Phone OS 7.5 Mango version.

What happens when cell phone battery starts swelling?

1. Phone gets turned off automatically without any notification.
2. Can't lock the phone back cover as phone battery has swollen.
3. Phone battery will drain (discharge) faster.

Note: Since the time battery has swollen, my phone went off automatically multiple times while surfing the net and listening to music even though 70% phone battery was charged.

4. Phone battery won't last longer than an hour or may be less than that.
5. Saved password for websites will get erased and you will have to re-enter login credentials.

What causes cell phone battery swelling?

1. If you overcharge the battery.
2. If Battery have some issue.

What to do when phone battery has swollen?

Can we fix, solve swollen phone battery? No, we need to replace the battery.

1. If it's just 6 month you have bought the phone from authorized phone store and it is in warranty then phone company would replace the battery without any charges.
2. If not than you would need to buy new battery as phone battery warranty (6 month) is over.

Important Notes/Tips:

1. Do not used swollen battery, temporary you can use it but get it replaced as soon as possible.
2. If you have old working cell phone then temporary use that meanwhile.
3. Buy original phone battery instead cheap battery as they would last longer and will be safe.
4. Do not keep phone for charging over night and recharge only whenever required.

Applies To:
Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Apple, etc. all type of mobile phones.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

How to find latest information

How to find latest information
Like everyone, I also keep searching for news and latest information about everything happening around us with the help of Google's news search.

Today, I thought to write an article about it as many people would not know about this, the idea is to help people find information quickly within seconds. I am preferring Google instead individual news, information websites as all news and information websites may not know about everything happening in the world, but Google for sure, as it keeps crawling and indexing the content being added to the web (Internet) every second on second.

How to find latest information?

1. Access Google Search website.

2. Type the query, typically you would type for example Mumbai News

Note: Your query would contain main query word + the word 'News', example: Microsoft news, Google news, London news, current India news etc.

3. Now click 'News' option at the bottom of the search bar.

4. Now click 'Search Tools' option below search bar, now change 'Any time' to 'Past Hour'.

The moment you choose past hour, whatever content added over the web in last one hour related to that topic would be displayed, isn't it quick and faster now to get latest information, much faster than news specific website(s), radio, TV etc.

This is the right and best way to search something over Internet.

Incoming search queries:

Latest Information on hardware and software
Current Indian news
Science and technology of india

Use above search query as example to find latest information.

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Monday, 11 February 2013

Most Popular Country as per Wikipedia

Today, I was trying to find out most popular country in the word, but unfortunately Google couldn't help my get the answer, it returned answer's but they were like most popular country by tourists, population, and richness.

But, I wanted to know In general, in totality which country is most popular.

Since I am system engineer and don't have enough data to find out most popular country in general, so I thought to find out which country is most popular on Wikipedia, I choose Wikipedia, as Wikipedia is world famous encyclopedia and people across the world usages Wikipedia for general knowledge.

As of Today, United States (US) is top most popular country in the world over Internet.

United States (US), India (Bharat), United Kingdom (UK) are 3 top most popular country in the world as per Wikipedia rank.

But as per monthly pageviews Australia, China, and United States are 3 top most popular contry.

Please see below detailed information in a table which shows overall rank and monthly pageviews.
# Rank Country Name Wikipedia 
1 United States (US) 18 13 Lakhs
2 India 39 10 Lakhs
3 United Kingdom (UK) 41 9 Lakhs
4 Canada 50 7 Lakhs
5 Australia 79 30 Lakhs
6 Germany 98 6 Lakhs
7 Russia 99 5 Lakhs
8 France 102 7 Lakhs
9 Japan 104 6 Lakhs
10 England 111 4 Lakhs
11 China 114 15 Lakhs

I don't know why Wikipedia has given good rank to some country even though they have less traffic compared to other country, may be Wikipedia may have its own mechanism to automate the ranking.

What it pageviews? Pageview is number of times people accessed the website or an article inside the website. example: if daily pageview of a article or website is 100, than that means it was accessed (read) by 100 times.


M-indicator not loading on Windows Phone

M-indicator not loading on Windows Phone
I hope you already know that M-indicator provides information about railway, bus, auto, taxi etc. about Mumbai city.

M-indicator was working without any issue since I installed it, but since last 2 weeks the railway category is not opening at all, when I try opening railway category the application get closed automatically without returning any error.

So, in such situation I used to ask my colleague and brother to help me find out available trains at a given time, it was frustrating as I could not use m-indicator application on my Samsung Omnia W, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango being a costlier (15,500/- Rs.) phone. m-indicator worked without any issue for years on my old Nokia 2690 phone, which costs only 2,500/- Rs.

Solutions I tried but did not work?

1. I upgraded the m-indicator software with new version.
2. I restarted my Windows Phone but no luck.

How to fix M-indicator not loading issue in Windows Phone?

1. Go to applications list and tab on m-indicator and select Uninstall.

You will get confirmation dialog box: Uninstall this application? choose 'yes'.

2. Now go to Market application and search for m-indicator and download it, once it gets downloaded, it will get installed as well.

3. Now access railway category, all should work as expected.

Let me know if reinstalling m-indicator does not fix your issue.

Applies To:

Application: m-indicator version - 6.2
OS: Windows Phone version - 7.5

Find out how popular is a Wikipedia article

how popular is a Wikipedia article
I have been reading Wikipedia article(s) almost everyday and was eager to find out how popular is somebody on Wikipedia.

We can compare Wikipedia articles (pages) of artists, actors, actresses, politician, famous personality etc. to find out which one is most popular on Wikipedia.

For Example:
Is Narendra Modi more popular than Rahul Ghandhi?
Is Salman Khan more popular than Shahrukh Khan?

Find out how popular is a Wikipedia article?

1. Access the Wikipedia article for which you want to see the usages (popularity, pageviews), example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amitabh_Bachchan

2. Now click 'Page Information' link under Toolbox section in left pane.

Note: If Toolbox is not expanded already than click icon next to it to expand it.

3. Now scroll down and click 'Page view statistics' link under External tools at the bottom of the page.

This will redirect you to http://stats.grok.se URL, and if you are in office, you may get error: Web Page Blocked!

Click here to fix Web Page Blocked error.

4. Please see attached screenshot and extracted text from grok.se site.

"Wikipedia article traffic statistics
 Amitabh_Bachchan has been viewed 251052 times in the last 30 days. This article ranked 1659 in traffic on en.wikipedia.org."

- From Qrok.se site you can check previous (old) pageview history of a article.
- You can directly access "stats.grok.se" site and access pageviews as well.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Comparing Google search suggestions across countries

Comparing Google search suggestions across country wise search engine domains.

Last month me and my colleague was doing some research on Google search suggestions across various countries, I think everybody knows that Google has custom domain names for each country like for India it is Google.co.in, for Japan it is Google.co.jp and so on.

We tried accessing couple of countries Google search engine and tried searching for common query like: How to

We were amazed to see search suggestions, please see below brief.

India: In India, How to query gave quick suggestions as following.

How to kiss, How to get pregnant etc

Japan: In Japan, How to query gave quick suggestions as following.

How to make six packs, How to build muscle etc.

Note: Search suggestions were similar to India for Pakistan and Bangladesh country.

So, what I think is probably people in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are searching for such queries frequently that's why Google is returning such quick suggestions.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

How to find out when a Wikipedia article was created

How to find out when a Wikipedia article was created
As we know Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia and is edited by people across the world throughout the Day. With Wikipedia I have gained lot of knowledge about people, places, country, history, etc. that too free without any susbscription or login.

I hope you now that anybody can create or edit pages (article) on Wikipedia free by creating login ID on Wikpedia portal.

How to find out when a Wikipedia article was created?

1. Access the Wikipedia article for which you want to check creation date, for example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/India

2. Now click 'Page Information' link under Toolbox in left pane.

3. Now scroll and see 'Date of page creation' under section: Edit History.

For India page on Wikpedia, the creation date is 17:25, 26 October 2001

Along with page creation date, you can also find out the orignal creater of the page and latest page editor under Edit History section.

Please find below other information you would get to know from Edit History section in a table, below statics are specfic to India page on Wikiepdia.

Date of latest edit                                                08:05, 7 February 2013
Total number of edits                                          20,231
Total number of distinct authors                          5,815
Recent number of edits (within past 30 days)      45
Recent number of distinct authors                       24

Note: You do NOT require to login to Wikipedia portal or require login credentials to access this information, it's all free.

Friday, 8 February 2013

How to forward WhatsApp videos in Windows Phone

I have recently started using WhatsApp and didn't know basic how to's of WhatsApp. After using WhatsApp for sometime I found out how to forward videos received through WhatsApp to your contacts.

How to forward WhatsApp videos in Windows Phone?

1. Access WhatsApp application.
2. Access the WhatsApp contact which contains the video in chat history.
3. Tap over the video and click forward.
4. Now go through the WhatsApp contact list and select the contact to which you want to send the video.

Note: If you have so many contacts then press the icon 'A' and then choose the contact letter to choose contact faster.

5. Once you select the contact you will be prompted for confirmation to send the video, press 'Yes' button.

Note: From WhatsApp application you can forward videos to WhatsApp contact(s) only, you can't email or MMS them until you save WhatsApp videos to your mobile phone (Smartphone) storage device (memory card etc.).

Applies To:
WhatsApp version: 2.8.10
Windows Phone 7.5

Thursday, 7 February 2013

How to count number of times you have withdrawn cash from other ATMs

Most of us knows that withdrawing cash more than 5 times in a given month from other ATMs is a limit and beyond that we are charged for Rs. 20+/- per transaction.

NOTE: Taking out transaction print also count as transaction, so be aware.

How to count number of times you have withdrawn cash from other ATMs?

For this you must have a phone which shows messages in a group in threaded view, I am sure most smartphone would have this feature. Also, you must have subscribed to SMS Alerts.

1. For each transactions (money withdrawal, salary credit, cheque deposited etc.) we get an alert SMS.

For my bank it shows as message from LM-ICICIB, go inside these messages and look for text message "Your a/c xxx....debited with rs....which includes the word NFS*CASH*WDL and count no. Of messages with this words for a given month.

2. The other option is to login to your bank website and check current months transaction which includes above words.

To me Option:1 is quick and fast.

Let me know if you need any help, please do share to help someone save those extra charges.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

How to turn off phone network connection

Sometimes we must turn off our mobile phone network connection as it has multiple benefits, you will save phone battery, their will be no radiation.

When to turn off phone network connection?

1. No Network coverage: When you have either no network coverage or coverage is very low, your phone network signal is very weak.

2. Stop draining battery: This is essential if you are traveling and no power connection is available for longtime, turn on network connection if required and do inform your family about it so they don't panic.

Benefits of turning off phone network connection?

1. Save battery power: The battery would drain faster as it keep searching for good network signal.

2. Stop high radiation: When low network signal, the radiation is higher

How to turn off phone network connection in Windows Phone?

1. Go to Settings menu.
2. Select Flight mode option.
3. Now slide to right to Turn ON Flight mode

How to turn off phone network connection in all other phones (Android, IOS, Symbian)?

Above steps were specific to Windows Phone, for other phones it may be wary, but in general you need to go to Settings menu and then network settings and Flight mode.


- When flight mode is Turned ON, you will see a airplane icon instead network signal strength.
- Here we are talking about network connection and not about data (Internet) connection.

Applies To:

CDMA/GSM/3G Technology

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How to block WhatsApp contact on Windows Phone

I have been looking to see an option in Whatsapp in Windows Phone to block a contact to stop getting messages, images, and videos but I could not see any option.

I then checked with my friend who is using Android phone and he does have a option to block a contact in WhatsApp then I thought might be Windows Phone version of WhatsApp does not have feature to block a contact.

It's Today morning, I got a message from my friends, who's mobile number is not saved in my phone contact, Today while going through the chat history with this friend, I thought to recheck whether block option is available as recently I had upgraded WhatsApp application on my phone and yes, I could see an option to block a contact.

To make sure whether upgrade has make this option available, I checked other Whatsapp contacts which are saved in my phone as a contact but I did not see contact blocking option.

How to block Whatsapp contact on Windows Phone?

1. Access WhatsApp application.
2. From Chats or Favorites list, access (open) the contact you want to block.
3. Then press ... option at the bottom and choose block.
4. Select Yes when you are prompted for confirmation.

Note: I tried blocking one contact but server is taking time, it seems my Internet connection is slow or may be WhatsApp server is slow which is causing the delay.

1. You can a block contact in WhatsApp only if the mobile number mentioned in WhatsApp is not saved as your contact.
2. If the mobile number is saved as a contact then use inbuilt contact blocking option in Windows Phone, but this will block calling as well along with blocking messages, images, and videos. Go to Settings > Call Blocking > Add from contacts.

Applies To:
WhatsApp version: 2.8.10
Windows Phone OS version: 7.5 Mango

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Use "Search with Google" feature to speed up search

While searching for information over Internet we come across various topics, which are either not known to us or known to us but we need more information about a particular topic.

This is where "Search with Google" feature is helpful.

How to use "Search with Google" to speed up search?

1. Access any website or blog, most preferably your would access your favorite websites or Blogs.
2. Now select the text which you want to Google Search.
3. Now right click and select "Search with Google" option.
4. Doing this will open another tab in Google Search querying for the word you had selected.

I just love this feature, as it speed up my search results and save my time too.

I am sure many of may not be aware about this cool Google Search feature.

Note: This feature works in both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, no additional settings are required to be configured.

Let me know if you find any difficulty and need help, we are happy to help you.

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How to open a link in new tab

It is very simple and easy thing to do, You would require to open a webpage link in new tab in following scenarios.

1. Searching for information on Google: You are searching for various terms and do not want to open results page in same tab.

2. Reading articles on Wikipedia or other website: Wikipedia is largest open knowledge library, when someone start reading articles, one keeps going into detailing about particular subject and this may require to open related articles in new tab.

What is a link? A link is a Hyperlink which helps you reach specific website or website through a webpage.

How to find a link? A text which has a link is always in blue color and when you hover over mouse to it, you will see underline as well. Example: Thomas Edison

Note: Some website have configured their website webpages in such a way that the webpage or website will automatically gets opened into new tab without doing right click open in new tab or copying and pasting the URL.

How to open a link in new tab?

Their are two methods to open a link in new tab.

1. Right click URL method:
   Right click a link in web page or in a Google Search result and click 'Open in New Tab' option.

2. Scroll button method:

   Hover over the cursor to the link you want to open in new tab and than press scroll button in center on your mouse. Most mouse nowadays have scroll button.

How to open a link from Google Search in new tab automatically.

1. Click here  to access Google Preference settings page,
Note: The Google Preference URL would required to be changed if you are from India. Replace the www.google.co.in in URL http://www.google.co.in/preferences? to your country Google Search engine URL, it could be www.google.jp if your country is Japan, could be www.google.uk if your country is UK.

2. Now in search setting page, under: Where results open, put a check mark next to: Open each selected result in a new browser window.

3. Now click 'Save' button, you will following message in a popup message as a confirmation that your setting has been changed.

   "Your preferences have been saved"

4. Now Search for something in Google search and click search result URLs, all the URLs would now open in new tab in your browser.

Note: If you want to open Google search in new tab automatically in all browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome etc.) then perform these steps in all browsers.

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