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Monday, 21 January 2013

Top 20 Fastest growing websites

Today I tried to find fastest growing website list but I could not find any hence this article. 

Web (Internet cloud) is getting larger and larger day by day, every 24 Hrs loads of new websites gets registered, new contents (articles, documents, videos etc.) gets added.

Some of the people in the world are always to eager to know about fastest growing websites.

Fastest growing websites are websites which has increased site traffic at very high level and keep growing further.

Here we are going to disclose list of top 20 fastest growing websites in the world.
01. NHL.com
02. Duckload.com
03. 7794.com
04. mgid.com
05. exoclick.com
06. informer.com
07. searchqu.com
08. 24quan.com
09. target.com
10. pinterest.com
11. sears.com
12. aizhan.com
13. hubpages.com
14. traforet.ru
15. walmart.com
16. groupon.com
17. samsung.com
18. seriesyonkis.com
19. sparkstudios.com
20. android.com

As you can see above list, all the fastest growing websites are having .COM TLD except one site: traforet.ru

I have highlighted top known websites in above list.

If you carefully read through each website names, you would find that some of names are very popular recently and you have heard them frequently, such names are: pinterest.com, hubpages.com. walmart.com, groupon.com, samsung.com, android.com.

So now you know which commercial & non-commercial websites are growing faster day by day currently.

We will keep changing the top 20 fastest growing website list as and when the changes happens.

Author : Pankaj // 00:15

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