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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Should you buy a smartphone? or be happy with standard phone

I have been using standard (normal) cell phone over couple of years being technical (computer engineer), the reason behind this is around 3-4 years ago I had lost my Nokia mobile phone which I bought in 10,000/- INR. which I had used only for 2 weeks, since than I had decided that I would not buy costlier phone for at lease couple of years. I had lost this phone when I was traveling back from office in Sakinaka, Andheri to Andheri station in B.E.S.T. Bus no. 332 in Mumbai (Bombay), India, this is a double decker bus, I had registered a complaint, but nothing happened in these many years.
What is Smartphone?  It is a mobile phone with advanced features, this phone can do almost all the work your computer does.
How smart-phone is helpful? Over these years I have realized that what I am missing, here I am sharing my personal experience on how a smartphone is helpful.
I will be sharing all real life experiences which are somehow linked to smartphone.
1: Searching message - Searching message in basic phone is difficult as their are so many message I could not reach to a specific message until I go through all messages one after another. One Day I had to find: When the last time I had recharged my mobile for SMS scheme, since it was 2-3 Weeks ago I had many SMSes after that SMS pack activation SMS, it took me around couple of minutes to reach that SMS, but if I had smartphone I could have searched for specific keyword in that message and found it quicker.
2: Moving between application - This is another case wherein when access internet from mobile phone and at the same time I had to check my calendar or SMS than the application will get closed and will need to be re-opened, the trouble is we need to re-open it as well as we need to re-enter the credentials as well.
3: Listing to music and taking snapshot or recording something - In standard phones we cant' listen to music and record the video and or take snap at the same time, if we try to do so music player will get paused automatically and will resume automatically again when you close camera application.
4: Sending documents - One Day I got a call from an consultancy firm for a job opening, the problem was that I was working in after noon shift and I had to send my latest resume to the consultant but I couldn't send due to internet filtering (restriction) in office, this delayed the entire process, I could send the resume only after I reached home late night at around 11 PM.
5: Finding Maps - Often we need to ask people which place is where, sometime finding a new place is easier but other time its not that easy, people living in that area also failed to help us find exact address. Around 2 months back I went to Vasai with my friend to find an flat address which had gone into auction. We couldn't find the flat easily but if we had an mobile map application we could have found it very easily, this resulted in vesting 20 to 30 minutes of valuable time.
Now is the time I am going to buy a cool smartphone with all good features I ever wanted to have.
Finally I bought Samsung Omnia W i8350 Windows Phone 7.5 around a month ago.
Do you have a smartphone or standard phone? Let me know your view on this article? We are waiting to hear from you.

Author : Pankaj // 00:50

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