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Friday, 11 January 2013

Is Windows Phone good? Sharing my experience with Windows Phone

Are you confused with negative reviews about Windows Phone? Well I too was confused, people said Windows Phone is not for gamers?, very limited applications are available? and so on.

How Windows Phone is better than Android?

1. The phone OS is stable and does not hang.
2. The battery backup is higher than Android phones.
3. Microsoft MS Office and Internet Explorer browser available free and comes pre-installed.
4. Social Networking (Facebook) integration is superb.

What are Windows Phone limitation?

1. Call timings not available, but if you buy Nokia Windows Phone then you get free application named 'Counters' which can do the job.
2. Popular games such as Angry Bird, Fruit Ninja are not available free, we need to buy them at cost of 1 or 2$. If we root (crack) the phone then we can install these games without any fee.

Important Notes:

- No Hindi font support up to version 7.5, Hindi font support starts from version 7.8, so prefer buying phone which has 7.8 or 8 OS version.

- Bluetooth file transfer was limited between Windows Phones. This limitation is over in Windows Phone 8 OS, with Windows Phone 8 you can transfer files to Android OS phones and receive files from Android OS phones.

- External Memory card was a limitation, but now newer Windows Phone does have memory card slot as well.

So, Windows Phone actually does not have any limitation now.

I have been using Windows Phone 7.5 Mango (Samsung Omnia W i8350) for more than a month and I am very much satisfied with the phone. This phone is as good as my laptop. Since I bought this phone I have stopped using my laptop, I use my laptop only for transferring Music, Video, and files to my phone via Zune software.

Overall, I would say Windows Phone is rocking and is going to take over Android, IOS, and Blackberry soon.

So, Are you ready to buy Windows Phone? I would like you to take a look at recently launched Nokia Lumia 620 phone with Windows Phone version 8. The expected price for this phone in India would be 13,500/- Rs.

If you still have any query than please leave us a comment, we will help you out.

Applies To: Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.5 / 7.8, Windows Phone 8

Author : Pankaj // 01:35

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