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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

How to save time on reading News

Today, I will help you save your time on reading news.
From a long time I have been trying to figure out the best way through which we can save time and keep ourself updated on latest news happening in our country and other places.
Various News reading sources: Newspaper, ENewspaper, TV, Internet, Mobile application etc.
NEWS Fullform: THe full form for the word 'News' is: N - North, E - East, W - West, S - South. That means News from all directions.
How to see realtime news coverage and save time on reading news Online?
1. Click here to access  Access Google News webpage.
2. If the this site is blocked in your office, you might get following error message. If this is the case than use secure (HTTPS) URL: https://news.google.co.in
Web Page Blocked!You have tried to access a web page which is in violation of your internet usage policy.
3. After this, hover over the cursor over news headline, doing this you will >> arrow type icon, click it. Now click 'See realtime coverage' in bluebox below news headline image picture.
Clicking 'See realtime coverage' will bring all the news related to that particular headline in a single dashboard. The news related to the headlines will be fetched from most popular news websites.
Note: With Google News, you will not only see latest news, but also detailed realtime coverage of that news in a single dashboard.
Google News Benefits:
1. All the news from various sites, blogs are synchronized at single place hence we won't miss any latest news.
2. Realtime coverage / update on a specific topic can be seen from Google News dashboard, prior to this we have to switch through various news website (TimesOfIndia, ZeeNews, etc.) to find update on particular news.
3. News are categorized by: Sports, Entertainment, Science, Business, Health, Technology etc. So now I don't have to open 10 different technology websites or blog or watch specific TV show for gadgets to keep my self updated on technology front.
Important Note: If you open this links from Mobile phone, you may not get options to see realtime news coverage.
Applies To: Desktop, Laptop, and may be iPad (Tablet).

Author : Unknown // 19:14

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