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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Difference between Restart and Reset in detail

Today while writing a post on article: How to restart Windows Phone, I thought of searching for Difference between Restart and Reset query and did not found satisfactory answer. 
The answers given by http://wiki.answers.com site is incorrect. In initial year of my career I use to get confuse with these two terms: Restart and Reset. I used to think both are same.

Let's understand in detail about Restart and Reset technology term.


What is restart? The term restart means turning off and turning on any technology gadget be it computer, mobile etc. When we restart all the settings gets loaded fresh, doing restart help improve system performance. Restart is like sleeping and then waking up. The restarts are of two types: soft restart and hard restart.

In Windows desktop OS we have hard restart and soft restart option but in Windows Phone we have hard restart option only, hard restart is restarting by pressing power button on the computer / networking device / phone. The other name for the word restart is reboot. soft restart is done via accessing software on the device.

Is Restart and reboot same? Yes, both are same.

What is restart process? It is a two steps process, 1: Turn OFF and 2: Turn ON.

Why restart is required?

1. You device is hung (hang) and you are not able to do anything.
2. Some function (feature) are not working.
3. When new application is installed and reboot is requested.
4. When you need to upgrade computer hardware or get something repaired.

How to restart? Simply turn off and turn on the device by hard reboot or soft reboot method. Here we are not detailing on how to restart computer, mobile, server etc. in details.



What is reset? Reset is reverting back to the initial original settings or configuration. When you do reset all your data and settings are lost, so please be careful.

Is reset and restore same? Both are not same but related terms, reset is just reverting back the configuration settings only whereas restore is both reverting back the configuration setting and then restoring data files.

What is reset process? It is a three steps process, 1: Backup data and settings, 2: Reset the configuration, 3: Restore data and settings.

When do we reset? In simple word, we reset when restart option doesn't help.
For example when your system does not work as expected and hang many a time, as a basic troubleshooting we restart the computer, mobile etc.  if restart doesn't fix the issue then we require to reset the computer.

How to reset?

Here we are providing general reset steps, we would recommend you to download application configuration (PDF) file to know detailed configuration guide for your device, computer etc.

1. As the reset process suggest we need to first backup all the data and configuration settings.
2. Now reset the configuration, if we talk about laptop, nowadays laptops have single button to reset, in case of desktop computer we use CD/DVD to format/reinstall Operating System.
3. Once reset is done, restore back all your data files.

Applies To: Computers, Networking devices, Mobile Phones.

Author : Pankaj // 02:23

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