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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Site for Today | Entertainment: Faltu

Site Name : Faltu.com

Site Title : Faltu, no detailed title for this website.

Site description : This website shares real funny pics uploaded by internet users.

Site Objective : This website aims to share lots of real funny pics to make your Day joyful.

Site Screenshot : We are not adding any screenshot for this site, as this site does not have any theme, it is plain blog template like website.

Note: Please don't go by the site name Faltu, this site has really very funny and unique pics collection hence thought to share it with my blog audience.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sometime Ctrl+Alt+Del does not work in LogMeIn

I connect to 5+ servers daily through LogMeIn session and have observed this issue many a time on Windows Server 2008 and 2011 family series servers. I am sure, like me others also must have experienced this issue.

How to fix Ctrl+Alt+Del does not work issue in LogMeIn?

1. Access the desktop computer or server via LogMeIn session from Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser.

2. Now click Ctrl+Alt+Del tiny icon on top of the screen in LMI, if nothing happens than that means you have a issue.

3. Now press 'Cancel' button, and then press 'Switch User' button.

Note: The LMI screen may become black for few seconds when you click switch user.

4. Now again click Ctrl+Alt+Del icon, this time you would get notification prompt to login automatically.

Wow, what a relief.... now we don't have to manually enter lengthy login (username, password) credentials.

Note: This issue would occur if nobody haven't login with the that particular user a/c recently via LogMeIn session.

LogMeIn is very robust remote desktop solution and works much better than Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) Client.

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, SBS 2011

Monday, 21 January 2013

Top 20 Fastest growing websites

Today I tried to find fastest growing website list but I could not find any hence this article. 

Web (Internet cloud) is getting larger and larger day by day, every 24 Hrs loads of new websites gets registered, new contents (articles, documents, videos etc.) gets added.

Some of the people in the world are always to eager to know about fastest growing websites.

Fastest growing websites are websites which has increased site traffic at very high level and keep growing further.

Here we are going to disclose list of top 20 fastest growing websites in the world.
01. NHL.com
02. Duckload.com
03. 7794.com
04. mgid.com
05. exoclick.com
06. informer.com
07. searchqu.com
08. 24quan.com
09. target.com
10. pinterest.com
11. sears.com
12. aizhan.com
13. hubpages.com
14. traforet.ru
15. walmart.com
16. groupon.com
17. samsung.com
18. seriesyonkis.com
19. sparkstudios.com
20. android.com

As you can see above list, all the fastest growing websites are having .COM TLD except one site: traforet.ru

I have highlighted top known websites in above list.

If you carefully read through each website names, you would find that some of names are very popular recently and you have heard them frequently, such names are: pinterest.com, hubpages.com. walmart.com, groupon.com, samsung.com, android.com.

So now you know which commercial & non-commercial websites are growing faster day by day currently.

We will keep changing the top 20 fastest growing website list as and when the changes happens.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Difference between Restart and Reset in detail

Today while writing a post on article: How to restart Windows Phone, I thought of searching for Difference between Restart and Reset query and did not found satisfactory answer. 
The answers given by http://wiki.answers.com site is incorrect. In initial year of my career I use to get confuse with these two terms: Restart and Reset. I used to think both are same.

Let's understand in detail about Restart and Reset technology term.


What is restart? The term restart means turning off and turning on any technology gadget be it computer, mobile etc. When we restart all the settings gets loaded fresh, doing restart help improve system performance. Restart is like sleeping and then waking up. The restarts are of two types: soft restart and hard restart.

In Windows desktop OS we have hard restart and soft restart option but in Windows Phone we have hard restart option only, hard restart is restarting by pressing power button on the computer / networking device / phone. The other name for the word restart is reboot. soft restart is done via accessing software on the device.

Is Restart and reboot same? Yes, both are same.

What is restart process? It is a two steps process, 1: Turn OFF and 2: Turn ON.

Why restart is required?

1. You device is hung (hang) and you are not able to do anything.
2. Some function (feature) are not working.
3. When new application is installed and reboot is requested.
4. When you need to upgrade computer hardware or get something repaired.

How to restart? Simply turn off and turn on the device by hard reboot or soft reboot method. Here we are not detailing on how to restart computer, mobile, server etc. in details.



What is reset? Reset is reverting back to the initial original settings or configuration. When you do reset all your data and settings are lost, so please be careful.

Is reset and restore same? Both are not same but related terms, reset is just reverting back the configuration settings only whereas restore is both reverting back the configuration setting and then restoring data files.

What is reset process? It is a three steps process, 1: Backup data and settings, 2: Reset the configuration, 3: Restore data and settings.

When do we reset? In simple word, we reset when restart option doesn't help.
For example when your system does not work as expected and hang many a time, as a basic troubleshooting we restart the computer, mobile etc.  if restart doesn't fix the issue then we require to reset the computer.

How to reset?

Here we are providing general reset steps, we would recommend you to download application configuration (PDF) file to know detailed configuration guide for your device, computer etc.

1. As the reset process suggest we need to first backup all the data and configuration settings.
2. Now reset the configuration, if we talk about laptop, nowadays laptops have single button to reset, in case of desktop computer we use CD/DVD to format/reinstall Operating System.
3. Once reset is done, restore back all your data files.

Applies To: Computers, Networking devices, Mobile Phones.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

How to restart Windows Phone

What is restart? The term restart for Mobile phone means turning off and turning on the phone. In Windows desktop OS we have hard restart and soft restart option but in Windows Phone we have hard restart option only, hard restart is restarting phone by pressing power button on the phone. The other name for the word restart is reboot.

Note: Do not get confuse with the word 'Reset' and 'Restart', both are different, do not reset anything without taking backup first.

How to restart Windows Phone?

1. Before restarting the phone make sure you close all applications (Internet Explorer Tabs, Music Player etc.).
2. Now press power button for couple of seconds until 'slide down to power off' option appears.
  (Power button - In My Samsung Omnia W i8350 it is in right hand top side of the phone). The power button location may vary from phone to phone.
3. Now slide down the screen, this will switch off your phone. You will see a goodbye message (in white) with black background for couple of seconds.
4. Now press power button for couple of seconds again to restart your Windows Phone. When phone starts it will vibrate and you will see Windows Phone logo.

Important Notes:

1. It is not necessary to unlock the phone if you want to restart it.
2. If you want to cancel the restart in between than instead slide down, slide up this will stop your phone from shutting down (turning off).

How long does it take to restart Windows Phone?

It take hardly 3 to 5 seconds, whereas Blackberry takes 2 to 5 minutes, Android also takes 1+ minute I believe.

Why do we require to restart Windows Phone?

You may require to restart your phone following reasons?
1. You phone is hung (hang) and you are not able to do anything.
2. Some function (feature) are not working.

Applies To: Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.5, Windows 8

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

How to update Facebook status from Windows Phone

Well with WP phones, it's pretty easier now to be active on popular social networking site Facebook.

How to update Facebook status from Windows Phone?

1. From phone main menu access your (Me) live tile which has your photo as well.
2. Now tap on option 'post a message', and then under POST A MESSAGE menu, written down your status update.
3. Under 'Post to' select profile on which you want set update, by default both Windows Live, and Facebook profiles are selected.
4.Finally at the bottom of screen, press round shape icon to submit your status update.

How to update Facebook photo status from Windows phone?

Sometime we do capture some nice moment of our life and want to share it with others through Facebook, If you access Facebook.com from WP phone than you would not get an option to upload photo, for this either you would need to use Facebook application or inbuilt 'Share on Facebook' feature.


1. Go to 'Pictures' library and select 'Camera role'.
2. Now select and open the photo you want to share, now press ... Option and select 'Share on Facebook' option.
3. Now tag the face of the person in 'Who's this?' option and type some description.
4. Finally press the round shape photo icon to upload photo.

Important Notes:

- Make sure your phone 'data connection' (Internet) is ON.
- If you have recently changed Facebook a/c password then re-connect it to your Windows Live a/c.

Applies To: Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.5, Windows 8

How to create application shortcuts in Windows Phone

Well almost everyone knows how to create a desktop shortcut in Windows Desktop OS, but Windows Phone OS is new one, and most of us don't know how to create shortcut for a Windows Phone application unless you have hands on experience with Windows Phone.

What is shortcut in Windows Phone?

In Windows Desktop OS we used the word Send to Desktop (create shortcut) or Pin to start menu, but in Windows Phone we call it 'pin to start, created shortcuts are called: live tiles.

How to create application shortcuts in Windows Phone?

1. First unlock the phone.
2. Now either slide right or press (->) icon to access Windows Phone applications list. This list will not show you games application.
3. Now Tap on an application which you want to create shortcut and then choose 'pin to start' option.
4. Now either slide left or press (<-) icon to access Windows Phone main menu (Windows Phone desktop) and then go to the bottom of the screen to access the application shortcut in the form of live tile.

How to delete shortcuts in Windows Phone?
1. First unlock the phone.
2. Tap the 'Live tile' (shortcut) application which you want to remove and press the 'clip type' icon to remove the shortcut from main menu of your phone.

How to rearrange shortcuts in Windows Phone?
1. First unlock the phone.
2. Tap the 'Live tile' (shortcut) application which you want to rearrange and then move the selected live tiles, once you find the right place for the live tile, untap it and tap the main screen. This will change the live tile location.

Do you have difficulty in creating shortcut, deleting shortcut, or rearranging it, please don't hesitate to leave us a comment. We are happy to help you.

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows 7.8, Windows 8

Should I get Credit card? Is it worth?

Everybody wants to live luxury life and for that we need various amenities like (Car, AC, Mobile, TV and what not...) to fulfill these desires we tend to get buy these things through credit card, an easy E.M.I. option. Here in this post we will help decide whether should you think of getting a credit card?

What is a Credit Card?

It is a card through one we can pay services bills, buy things and pay to the bank later after 45-50 Days time that too without any interest, this card is not a like other bank card (Debit card), instead in this we get credit limit based on our income, it could range from thousands to lakhs. If we could not repay the monthly bills (E.M.I.) than we will be charged with heavy interest rate and penalty. We can use credit card to withdraw cash from ATM as well, but not recommended.

Credit Card Benefits:

Like many other things, credit card also has both benefits and risks.
- Purchase anything anywhere without carrying cash.
- Keep record on your shopping with the help of bank statement.
- Order/Shop things online or over phone.
- Buy something costlier and pay in easy installments (E.M.I.).
- Payments can kept on hold if you find anything defective.
- Get cash back and discounts on your shoppings.
- Withdraw cash whenever wherever you want.
- You get credit limit of 40-50 Days to repay the money that too in installments.

Credit Card Risks:

- We might end up overusing credit card for things which we really don't need and are costlier and not affordable.
- If you don't pay E.M.I. (monthly bills) on time than you will be charged with high interest and other penalties.
- Improper use of credit card can increase your dept rapidly.
- Interest rate is very high around 35-40% annually.

Is Credit card and Cash Card same? No, Cash card is like it contains cash, which you can use to buy things, pay for services etc.

Important Notes:
- You should use your credit card very wisely, else you might end in more debt.
- Use credit card for required things only and for luxury.

How to take Credit Card Benefits?
- Shop using credit card on start of the month (preferably within 1st week) to get maximum credit limit.
- Avoid shopping on month end as you would get very less credit limit.

Conclusion: Credit card is worth having provided you use it wisely by taking take maximum benefit out of it and by avoiding late fees, interest charges.

Should you buy a smartphone? or be happy with standard phone

I have been using standard (normal) cell phone over couple of years being technical (computer engineer), the reason behind this is around 3-4 years ago I had lost my Nokia mobile phone which I bought in 10,000/- INR. which I had used only for 2 weeks, since than I had decided that I would not buy costlier phone for at lease couple of years. I had lost this phone when I was traveling back from office in Sakinaka, Andheri to Andheri station in B.E.S.T. Bus no. 332 in Mumbai (Bombay), India, this is a double decker bus, I had registered a complaint, but nothing happened in these many years.
What is Smartphone?  It is a mobile phone with advanced features, this phone can do almost all the work your computer does.
How smart-phone is helpful? Over these years I have realized that what I am missing, here I am sharing my personal experience on how a smartphone is helpful.
I will be sharing all real life experiences which are somehow linked to smartphone.
1: Searching message - Searching message in basic phone is difficult as their are so many message I could not reach to a specific message until I go through all messages one after another. One Day I had to find: When the last time I had recharged my mobile for SMS scheme, since it was 2-3 Weeks ago I had many SMSes after that SMS pack activation SMS, it took me around couple of minutes to reach that SMS, but if I had smartphone I could have searched for specific keyword in that message and found it quicker.
2: Moving between application - This is another case wherein when access internet from mobile phone and at the same time I had to check my calendar or SMS than the application will get closed and will need to be re-opened, the trouble is we need to re-open it as well as we need to re-enter the credentials as well.
3: Listing to music and taking snapshot or recording something - In standard phones we cant' listen to music and record the video and or take snap at the same time, if we try to do so music player will get paused automatically and will resume automatically again when you close camera application.
4: Sending documents - One Day I got a call from an consultancy firm for a job opening, the problem was that I was working in after noon shift and I had to send my latest resume to the consultant but I couldn't send due to internet filtering (restriction) in office, this delayed the entire process, I could send the resume only after I reached home late night at around 11 PM.
5: Finding Maps - Often we need to ask people which place is where, sometime finding a new place is easier but other time its not that easy, people living in that area also failed to help us find exact address. Around 2 months back I went to Vasai with my friend to find an flat address which had gone into auction. We couldn't find the flat easily but if we had an mobile map application we could have found it very easily, this resulted in vesting 20 to 30 minutes of valuable time.
Now is the time I am going to buy a cool smartphone with all good features I ever wanted to have.
Finally I bought Samsung Omnia W i8350 Windows Phone 7.5 around a month ago.
Do you have a smartphone or standard phone? Let me know your view on this article? We are waiting to hear from you.

How to upgrade Windows Phone

Microsoft Windows Phone comes with Nokia, Samsung, HTC and many other mobile phones, Microsoft builds new version based on suggestions given by users and to fix issues in existing build. It is recommended to keep your phone updated, to avail latest features, application benefits.

Things must check before upgrading Windows Phone?

1. Zune Software: If you are new to Windows Phone and haven't installed Microsoft Zune software than install it first. click here to download the setup file.
This is 270 MB setup file, Zune will work on Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, should work for Windows 8 too.
2. Phone Battery: Make sure phone battery is charged enough (70%)  if not than start charging first.
3. Free disk space: Make sure you have decent free disk space available on your phone hard disk, we cant really say how much space you will require as the update size varies. You can uninstall unwanted apps, games, or move videos, music file back to your computer or laptop to make free space.

How to upgrade Windows Phone?

1. Connect your phone to the computer via mini USB cable.
2. Now, access Zune software, if it doesn't start than start it manually. By default it starts automatically.
3. In Zune application window, click 'Update Now' option.
Note: If you upgrade over data connection than it would take long time, also not sure whether an option is available to upgrade directly from data connection.

Can we upgrade Windows Phone on Mac machine?

Yes, for this you will require to download and install Windows Phone 7 Connector on your Mac machine.

How to upgrade Windows Phone from version 7.5 to 7.8 version?

Microsoft haven't released Windows Phone 7.8 update for my Samsung Omnia W i8350 phone yet, It is expected by the end of Jan or may be in start of Feb month. As soon as the update is available I will install it and will provide further update on my actual real experience on upgrading Windows Phone.

Important Note: Please take complete phone backup before starting update (upgrade) as you may encounter issue in upgrade process.

Applies To: Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.5

Sunday, 13 January 2013

How to change Hosts file in Windows

What is Hosts file?
It is a configuration file in Windows Operation system through which we can do name resolution, same like what popular DNS (Domain Name Service) service does. The default entry in hosts file is as following. As the name suggest hosts file is used to enter hosts names against IP Address to make it convenient to access computer resources. localhost

What is the use of Hosts file?
With Hosts file it becomes easier for you to access your computer, firewall etc. at your home or in your office. As now, you don't have to remember the IP Addresses.
For example: typically you would type to access your home wireless access point, broadband router or firewall, but now after adding host file entry you could just type http://firewall or http://myrouter istn't it easy to access network resources now.

How to change host file in Windows XP?
How to change host file in Windows 7?
How to change host file in
Windows 8?
The answer to all above questions remains same, please see below detailed steps.
1. Go to start > run > and paste this C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc and hit enter key or click OK button.
2. Now right click and click Open or double click Hosts file.
3. This will launch a pop-up window with title: Open With, now select NotePad application from the list.
4. Now by default you would see only following entry. localhost
5. Add IP address and hostname in following format. officepc firewall
6. Finally save and close the file.

Host file location in Windows XP?
Host file location in Windows Vista?
Host file location in Windows 7?
Host file location in Windows 8?
The answer to all above questions remains same, the host file is located at following path.
C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc and the file name is Hosts , this is one single hosts file.

1. The drive (C:) letter may be be different for your computer if OS is installed on another drive.
2. Do not miss interpret lmhosts.sam file as hosts file.

How to know on which drive my OS is installed?
The default drive letter for any OS is C: drive, if you are not sure and want to know the the drive letter than simply follow below instructions.
1. Go to start > run > and type CMD paste and hit enter key or click OK button.
2. If you see C:\> than that means C: drive is your OS drive.

What will happen if I edit/modify/change hosts file incorrectly?
Nothing much over to worry, simply revert back the changes, I would suggest you to make a backup of hosts file before you start editing it.

Important Notes:
1. You may require to open Hosts file by right click Run As Administrator option if you are using Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 machine \ computer.
2. Hosts file are not hidden so no need to navigate to 'Folder Options' and uncheck 'Show hidden files and folders.
3. You can use text editor other than Notepad such as NOtepad++ etc.
Do you need further help? or have any query?, please leave us a comment and we will get back to within couple of hours.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Is Windows Phone good? Sharing my experience with Windows Phone

Are you confused with negative reviews about Windows Phone? Well I too was confused, people said Windows Phone is not for gamers?, very limited applications are available? and so on.

How Windows Phone is better than Android?

1. The phone OS is stable and does not hang.
2. The battery backup is higher than Android phones.
3. Microsoft MS Office and Internet Explorer browser available free and comes pre-installed.
4. Social Networking (Facebook) integration is superb.

What are Windows Phone limitation?

1. Call timings not available, but if you buy Nokia Windows Phone then you get free application named 'Counters' which can do the job.
2. Popular games such as Angry Bird, Fruit Ninja are not available free, we need to buy them at cost of 1 or 2$. If we root (crack) the phone then we can install these games without any fee.

Important Notes:

- No Hindi font support up to version 7.5, Hindi font support starts from version 7.8, so prefer buying phone which has 7.8 or 8 OS version.

- Bluetooth file transfer was limited between Windows Phones. This limitation is over in Windows Phone 8 OS, with Windows Phone 8 you can transfer files to Android OS phones and receive files from Android OS phones.

- External Memory card was a limitation, but now newer Windows Phone does have memory card slot as well.

So, Windows Phone actually does not have any limitation now.

I have been using Windows Phone 7.5 Mango (Samsung Omnia W i8350) for more than a month and I am very much satisfied with the phone. This phone is as good as my laptop. Since I bought this phone I have stopped using my laptop, I use my laptop only for transferring Music, Video, and files to my phone via Zune software.

Overall, I would say Windows Phone is rocking and is going to take over Android, IOS, and Blackberry soon.

So, Are you ready to buy Windows Phone? I would like you to take a look at recently launched Nokia Lumia 620 phone with Windows Phone version 8. The expected price for this phone in India would be 13,500/- Rs.

If you still have any query than please leave us a comment, we will help you out.

Applies To: Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.5 / 7.8, Windows Phone 8

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

How to find latest wallpaper ringtone applications on Windows Phone

Do you want to keep your windows phone (WP) updated with latest wallpapers, ringtone, applications, games than here is the solution. This solution application will help you achieve this.

How to find latest wallpaper ringtone applications on Windows Phone?
1. Access 'Marketplace' application on your phone.
2. Now search for keyword: Insider to download Insider application.
3. Now in search results list, click Insider by Microsoft Corporation 
4. Now press the install button.
5. Once download completes, the application will get installed automatically.

How to use Insider application on Windows Phone?
1. Start Insider application from applications list,
2. Once the application starts, you will see 5 options as following.
   A. Tips.
   B. Apps
   C. Games
   D. Ringtones
   E. Wallpapers
3. Select any one option and then learn tips or download apps, games, ringtone, and wallpapers.

What is Insider app in Windows Phone?
Insider is windows phone (WP) application which helps phone users find out latest and popular apps, games, ringtone, and wallpapers at a single platform, we don't have to visit multiple apps for this.

- Insider is a Microsoft application.
- This app will show you latest and top applications, games etc.
- The application setup file size is 3MB, so it won't take more than 5 minutes to download and use it.

Applies To: Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 8

How to fix background application for this agent is disabled

In Windows Phone (WP) their are applications which requires internet and these applications can run in the background memory of the windows phone. Please note some background application may not require internet as well, example: Day counter. The application which does not require internet may not have this issue.
Please see below name of such applications:
1. Insider
2. Day Counter
3. Economic Times
4. On This Day...
How to fix error: Background application for this agent is disabled?
1. Go to 'Settings' menu.
2. Navigate to 'Applications' menu by flipping right or left side.
3. Now choose 'Background Tasks'.
4. Now access the application for which you have got error: background application for this agent is disabled
5. Once you are inside the application which has issue, do the following.
  Check mark: "Turn background tasks back on for this application the next time I open it".
6. Now retry opening the app again which had issue, the app will open now without any issue.
The issue is fixed now... I had this issue multiple times for various applications which runs in background.
Applies To: Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 8

How to download install paint on Windows Phone

One Day, I thought to install MS-Paint (paint) software application on my windows phone so that I can draw paintings, make sketch directly on my WP phone, for those who don't know I was a painter before starting my career in information technology (IT).
How to download & install paint application on windows phone
1. Access Marketplace application on your phone.
2. Now search for keyword: Sketchpad
Note: This app is similar to Microsoft MS-Paint software available in all Microsoft Operating System's (OS) such as Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
3. Now in search results list, click Sketchpad by Paras Wadehra
4. Now press the install button.
5. Once download completes, the application will get installed automatically.
How to use paint (Sketchpad) application on Windows Phone
1. Start the Sketchpad application from applications list.
2. Move your hand on the white background to make drawing.
Sketchpad Tips:
- Press the back (<-) button to undo revert back changes.
- Clear the sketch completely by pressing ... strip at bottom of the screen and then select 'clear sketch/new sketch' option.
- To save your sketch press ... strip at bottom of the screen and then select 'save' option.
- You can find your saved sketches in Pictures gallery under - Albums - Saved Pictures section.
- Sketchpad is third party and not a Microsoft application.
- The application setup file size is less than <1MB, so its quick to download.
- This is the best paint (painting) app available in Windows Phone.
- In Windows Phone, application gets downloaded and installed simultaneously unlike Android phones.
- Your phone internet (GPRS) 2G or 3G must be active to download this application software. Once application is downloaded and installed no GPRS is required.
Applies To: Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 8

Thursday, 3 January 2013

What's new in Technology - This Week

Everyday something new keeps happening in Technology and all of us wants to be updated about it.

Let's see what's news in the 1st week of the year 2013.

1. LG has launched OLED TV, O stands for organic, this LED will consume less energy.

2. Bharti Airtel has launched mEducation services.

3. Now Linux [UBANTU] will be available on smartphone.

Keep watching!!!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

How to save time on reading News

Today, I will help you save your time on reading news.
From a long time I have been trying to figure out the best way through which we can save time and keep ourself updated on latest news happening in our country and other places.
Various News reading sources: Newspaper, ENewspaper, TV, Internet, Mobile application etc.
NEWS Fullform: THe full form for the word 'News' is: N - North, E - East, W - West, S - South. That means News from all directions.
How to see realtime news coverage and save time on reading news Online?
1. Click here to access  Access Google News webpage.
2. If the this site is blocked in your office, you might get following error message. If this is the case than use secure (HTTPS) URL: https://news.google.co.in
Web Page Blocked!You have tried to access a web page which is in violation of your internet usage policy.
3. After this, hover over the cursor over news headline, doing this you will >> arrow type icon, click it. Now click 'See realtime coverage' in bluebox below news headline image picture.
Clicking 'See realtime coverage' will bring all the news related to that particular headline in a single dashboard. The news related to the headlines will be fetched from most popular news websites.
Note: With Google News, you will not only see latest news, but also detailed realtime coverage of that news in a single dashboard.
Google News Benefits:
1. All the news from various sites, blogs are synchronized at single place hence we won't miss any latest news.
2. Realtime coverage / update on a specific topic can be seen from Google News dashboard, prior to this we have to switch through various news website (TimesOfIndia, ZeeNews, etc.) to find update on particular news.
3. News are categorized by: Sports, Entertainment, Science, Business, Health, Technology etc. So now I don't have to open 10 different technology websites or blog or watch specific TV show for gadgets to keep my self updated on technology front.
Important Note: If you open this links from Mobile phone, you may not get options to see realtime news coverage.
Applies To: Desktop, Laptop, and may be iPad (Tablet).

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