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Monday, 31 December 2012

Top Searches for the year 2012

Today is the last Day of the year (2012), In couple of hours we will have another year (2013), Well Google has come up with detailed analytics of Google searches across the world in the year 2012.
Like what was famous in movies, cities, local places, news, technologies, science  etc.
Google gave it a name called: Zeitgeist 
Clear here to access Zeitgeist and then select the country to see detailed search analytics.
If you don't have time to go through it than you can go through below list, I have added top searches of the year 2012 for India (Our country).
Most Searched Movies: Ek Tha Tiger | Rowdy Rathore
Most Searched Person: Sunny Leone | Rajesh Khanna
Most Searched Travel Destinations: Kerla | Taj mahal
Most Searched Cities: Delhi | Bangalore
Most Searched Local Places: Yamuna Express Highway | Freedom Park Bangalore
Most Searched News: Sensex | Vilasrao Deshmukh Death
You can click here to download the complete list as well in PDF format.
If you select USA country than you will see more detailed search analytics. For USA you would detailing on top search queries on categories like: Fashion, Science, Sports, Cities, Humanities, Tech & Gadgets.
Click here to view Unites States (USA)'s Top Searches for the year 2012 with details.

Jesoba.com Welcome you all to the new year (2013). Have a great and Happy new year!!!

Author : Pankaj // 21:56

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