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Friday, 21 December 2012

How to open a webpage in new tab in Windows Phone

Many of us, who are new to Windows Phone may not know how to open a webpage URL link in new tab (new window). After using Windows Phone for couple of days I found a way to do it.
What is Tab? It help you open multiple websites, hyper links in a single browser windows to make better and faster browsing experience.
How to open a webpage in new tab in Windows Phone
1. Access your website: Wikpedia, news website etc.
2. Tap (long press) on a link you want to open in new tab, this will bring various list of actions such as as following.
Open in new tab
Copy link
Share Link
Now, tap on a option 'Open in new tab'.
This will immdeitly open the link in new tab.
You can use second option to 'Copy Link' to copy the webpage URL and paste it in an email.
Also, you can use 'Share Link' option to share the URL on Social Media sites or send it as email or SMS it.
3. If you want to get back to orignal webpage URL you were accessing then tap on the three dot (...) area in right hand bottom side of the phone screen and then tap on tabs option. Now from list of Tabs choose the Tab you want to open up.
Or otherwise, longpress (<-) back button on your phone and flip between various tabs in Internet Explorer browser on your Windows Phone.
Note: By flip option you can switch between upto 5 tabs.
Applies To: Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 8

Author : Pankaj // 16:38

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