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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

How to keep Windows Phone in silent mode

How to keep Windows Phone in silent mode
Their are occasions when we go to meetings, conferences and at such places it becomes necessary to put our phone into silent mode. 

But if you are new to Windows phone or not a tech savvy then you might find it difficult to put your cell phone in silent mode and when you don't know this, situation may require you to turn off your phone and if you turn off your phone you might miss important missed calls.

By default, in Windows Phone we do not have any shortcut to change phone profile to silent mode until or unless we disable (Turn off) Vibration.

How to keep Windows Phone in silent mode

1. Go to Settings Menu in your phone.

2. Then choose Ringtones+sounds option 

3. Now turn Off (Slide Left) Ringer 

4. Now turn Off (Slide Left) Vibrate 

Once you turn off (Slide Left) both Ringer and Vibrate option your phone goes to silent mode.

Note: If you do not use vibrate mode always or frequently then keep it off, this will make it easier to switch between ringer and silent mode by using volume key on your phone.

Press the volume key on left hand side of your phone and then tap over ring to change to silent and tap over silent to change to ring mode. This volume key shortcut to put your mobile phone into silent mode would work only if vibrate option is OFF.

Applies To: Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 8

Author : Pankaj // 02:17

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