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Thursday, 13 December 2012

How to keep caps lock always on in Windows Phone

Before buying my Samsung Omnia W (Windows Phone) I have tried 
accessing banking site on this phone which belonged to my friend and 
that is where I faced this issue.
I had to press the (Caps lock) key every time to type in Upper letter, 
I asked my friend if we can keep the caps lock key ON all the time always, 
he said he don't know if their is any way to do it.

After couple of Days I bought this phone and after some R & D I found 
a way to keep Caps Lock always ON.

How to keep caps lock always on in Windows mobile

- Access the virtual keyboard on your phone by writing an Email / SMS etc.

- Now keep "up arrow" key pressed for couple of seconds, until it turns white.

- Their you go, now your Caps Lock key will be on until you exit from the 
Email / SMS Application.

- To turn of the Caps lock key, press the "up arrow" key once.

Author : Pankaj // 20:42

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