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Monday, 31 December 2012

Top Searches for the year 2012

Today is the last Day of the year (2012), In couple of hours we will have another year (2013), Well Google has come up with detailed analytics of Google searches across the world in the year 2012.
Like what was famous in movies, cities, local places, news, technologies, science  etc.
Google gave it a name called: Zeitgeist 
Clear here to access Zeitgeist and then select the country to see detailed search analytics.
If you don't have time to go through it than you can go through below list, I have added top searches of the year 2012 for India (Our country).
Most Searched Movies: Ek Tha Tiger | Rowdy Rathore
Most Searched Person: Sunny Leone | Rajesh Khanna
Most Searched Travel Destinations: Kerla | Taj mahal
Most Searched Cities: Delhi | Bangalore
Most Searched Local Places: Yamuna Express Highway | Freedom Park Bangalore
Most Searched News: Sensex | Vilasrao Deshmukh Death
You can click here to download the complete list as well in PDF format.
If you select USA country than you will see more detailed search analytics. For USA you would detailing on top search queries on categories like: Fashion, Science, Sports, Cities, Humanities, Tech & Gadgets.
Click here to view Unites States (USA)'s Top Searches for the year 2012 with details.

Jesoba.com Welcome you all to the new year (2013). Have a great and Happy new year!!!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Unblock Google Maps Blocked by Firewall

In Office whenever I tried to access Google Maps I got following firewall restriction message. 

FortiGuard Web Filtering 
Web Page Blocked!

You have tried to access a web page which is in violation of your internet usage policy.
URL: maps.google.com/maps?

I am unsure why my company is blocking Google Maps over Firewall. One Day I found one of my office colleague accessing Google Maps, I asked me how could he access Google Maps when it is blocked by our office firewall.

He said their is a simple trick which can let us access Google Maps service.

How to Unblock Google Maps Blocked by Firewall

Simply add HTTPS httpS://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&tab=wl to the blocked URL to unblock Google Maps, now the maps would open without any blocking.
URL with error - Web Page Blocked : http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&tab=wl
Unblocked Google Maps URL : httpS://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&tab=wl

Learning: The next time when you find a website getting blocked by your office firewall, try changing HTTP value to HTTPS (Secure) and see whether you can access the site.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

How I increased my Windows Phone battery life

No Smart phone (Be it Android, IOS , Windows Phone) could provide more than ~3-4 Hrs battery life if used heavily. This is biggest challenge for mobile manufacturer companies.

Solution available at present in market

1. In Australia, there are mobile battery charging stations to recharge your mobile.

2. Microsoft Windows Phone version 8 has launched wireless recharging functionality through wireless charging station places at various places, like Airport etc.

I have seen several articles on this topics but I want to share what I do to keep my (Samsung Omnia W - Windows Phone 7.10) phone up and running with one full recharge in a Day, as well as other tip to keep my phone battery last longer.

What I do keep my phone up and running whole Day with one full recharge?

1. Don't keep Data connection always ON: Instead keeping data connection ON all time, I turn it ON and OFF frequently, say every 1 Hr I turn it on for few minutes to check emails, important alerts, social media notification (Facebook, Twitter etc) and then turn it OFF.

2. SMS over Calling: I prefer messaging (SMS), instead calling unless calling is required, if calling is required I keep my conversation (Calls) short and simple.

3. No Full Volume: I do not listen to Songs \ FM at full volume, I set volume as 25/30, as high volume causes battery to drain faster.

By following these simple tips Daily, I keep my phone going ON through out Day, and in a Day I listen to music for more than 1 Hr, I play game (My Favorite Chess4All), use Internet for browsing, chatting (Facebook, Whatsapp).

What to do to make my phone battery last longer?

1. Keep WI-FI, Bluetooth, Location service OFF, if you require to use them than after using these services turn them OFF.

2. Turn OFF Vibration mode, as vibration mode consume more battery power than normal ringer.

3. Set 'Lowscreen brightness, by default it is high brightness, the higher the brightness more battery power is required.

4. Choose 'Dark' (Black) background than 'light' (White) background, Black background consumes less battery power.

5. Screen lock out time, set screen-shot lock out time to 30 seconds, unless you are reading a PDF book.

6. Do not keep 'Data Connection' always ON, turn it on at regular interval to check important update and surfing.

Note: These all the settings are available in Settings menu (application).

What to do when your phone battery is too low?

1. Turn OFF data connection and Turn OFF Vibration, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location Service.

2. Or you can go to 'Battery Saver' option in 'Settings' menu and check mark: 'Turn on Battery Saver now, until the next charge'. Changing these setting will automatically block all communication except Callings and SMSing.

If you use phone heavily for email, browsing, and chatting then your battery will get drained in 2-3 Hrs, so its better to keep a micro-USB charger in handy which you can use to connect to your office PC / Laptop etc.

- Today, I came to know about 'Solar Charger' mobile application for Windows Phone through which can charge our Mobile Phone battery by making our phone screen acting as solar panel, I will test this application and will update further whether it really works.

Applies To: Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 8

How to keep Windows Phone in silent mode

How to keep Windows Phone in silent mode
Their are occasions when we go to meetings, conferences and at such places it becomes necessary to put our phone into silent mode. 

But if you are new to Windows phone or not a tech savvy then you might find it difficult to put your cell phone in silent mode and when you don't know this, situation may require you to turn off your phone and if you turn off your phone you might miss important missed calls.

By default, in Windows Phone we do not have any shortcut to change phone profile to silent mode until or unless we disable (Turn off) Vibration.

How to keep Windows Phone in silent mode

1. Go to Settings Menu in your phone.

2. Then choose Ringtones+sounds option 

3. Now turn Off (Slide Left) Ringer 

4. Now turn Off (Slide Left) Vibrate 

Once you turn off (Slide Left) both Ringer and Vibrate option your phone goes to silent mode.

Note: If you do not use vibrate mode always or frequently then keep it off, this will make it easier to switch between ringer and silent mode by using volume key on your phone.

Press the volume key on left hand side of your phone and then tap over ring to change to silent and tap over silent to change to ring mode. This volume key shortcut to put your mobile phone into silent mode would work only if vibrate option is OFF.

Applies To: Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 8

Friday, 21 December 2012

How to open a webpage in new tab in Windows Phone

Many of us, who are new to Windows Phone may not know how to open a webpage URL link in new tab (new window). After using Windows Phone for couple of days I found a way to do it.
What is Tab? It help you open multiple websites, hyper links in a single browser windows to make better and faster browsing experience.
How to open a webpage in new tab in Windows Phone
1. Access your website: Wikpedia, news website etc.
2. Tap (long press) on a link you want to open in new tab, this will bring various list of actions such as as following.
Open in new tab
Copy link
Share Link
Now, tap on a option 'Open in new tab'.
This will immdeitly open the link in new tab.
You can use second option to 'Copy Link' to copy the webpage URL and paste it in an email.
Also, you can use 'Share Link' option to share the URL on Social Media sites or send it as email or SMS it.
3. If you want to get back to orignal webpage URL you were accessing then tap on the three dot (...) area in right hand bottom side of the phone screen and then tap on tabs option. Now from list of Tabs choose the Tab you want to open up.
Or otherwise, longpress (<-) back button on your phone and flip between various tabs in Internet Explorer browser on your Windows Phone.
Note: By flip option you can switch between upto 5 tabs.
Applies To: Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 8

Thursday, 20 December 2012

How to turn on camera flash on Windows Phone

Well, like me many new user of Microsoft Windows Phone may not know how to switch ON and switch OFF camera flash light on windows mobile phone.
It is very simple and easy to use flash on Windows Phone, once you know how to use flash.
Note: You can use flash for taking photos (still images) as well as recording videos.
How to turn on camera flash on Windows Phone
1. Camera Application: Turn on the camera by navigating to Camera application from applications' list.
You can access the application directly by pressing a camera key on your phone.
- In My Samsung Omnia W Windows Phone the camera key is at bottom right hand side, this is beside search key.
- Your phone must be unlocked (meaning enter password to get main screen) to use the camera key.
2. Enable Flash for photos: Once Camera application is on, press the settings icon (round shape) in left hand side. Now press the the third (3rd round shape icon (last one in right hand side).
Doing this will enable flash on your phone for taking pictures (images). This setting is required to be set one time.
If you need to disable (turn off) photo flash, then go to settings icon (wheel type icon) again and then this time press the the second (2nd) round shape icon
3. Enable Flash for video's: Once Camera application is on, press the video camera icon (round shape) in right hand side and press the settings icon (round shape) in left hand side. Now press the the second (2nd) round shape icon (last one in right hand side). This is bulb type icon.
Doing this will enable flash on your phone for taking videos (video recording). This setting is required to be set one time.
If you need to disable video flash, then go to settings icon (wheel type icon) again and then this time press the the first (1st) round shape icon.
Note: Flash for photos and flash for videos need to set up seperately.
Applies To: Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 8

Thursday, 13 December 2012

How to keep caps lock always on in Windows Phone

Before buying my Samsung Omnia W (Windows Phone) I have tried 
accessing banking site on this phone which belonged to my friend and 
that is where I faced this issue.
I had to press the (Caps lock) key every time to type in Upper letter, 
I asked my friend if we can keep the caps lock key ON all the time always, 
he said he don't know if their is any way to do it.

After couple of Days I bought this phone and after some R & D I found 
a way to keep Caps Lock always ON.

How to keep caps lock always on in Windows mobile

- Access the virtual keyboard on your phone by writing an Email / SMS etc.

- Now keep "up arrow" key pressed for couple of seconds, until it turns white.

- Their you go, now your Caps Lock key will be on until you exit from the 
Email / SMS Application.

- To turn of the Caps lock key, press the "up arrow" key once.

How to recharge Mobile by sending SMS

WOW..what a big relief. Are you using prepaid mobile phone service and 
of recharging phone by going to the telecom shop or recharging phone 
with online banking.

Their is good news for you all, yes now you can recharge your phone in 
of seconds.

Why I like recharging (M-TOPUP) my phone by sending an SMS.

1. It's fast compared to online recharge. In online recharge, it takes around 
3 minutes to get recharge balance but with MTOPUP your phone gets 
recharged in couple of seconds.

2. Anytime recharge, with this facility you can recharge your phone in 
midnight or in remote town where recharge coupons are not available.

3. Save your time, when we go to mobile shop sometime we need to wait 
in queue.

How to recharge mobile by sending SMS

Write down following in message body in following format.

MTOPUP <Mobile No.> <Operator Name> <Amount> <last 6 digits of ICICI 
Bank Account No.> 

Example:  MTOPUP 9999999999 reliance 60 555555 

Send this text to 9222208888

Once this message is sent, you will get reply that your phone is recharged 
within few seconds.

Important Notes

- You will require ICICI Bank a/c and registered mobile number with ICICI 
Bank to use this facility.
- You can recharge your family and friends mobile number as well, 
no matter where they stay in India.
- It is safe and secure.
- You can recharge any mobile service providers phone.
- Standard SMS charges will be applied, when I recharged I was charged 
1 paisa as I have special SMS pack activated. No other charges.
- You can do a special topup recharge or GPRS recharge as well.

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