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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Whats new in Google | Google search navigation is improved

Whats new in Google | Google search navigation is improved
Being in India, anyone accessing Google.com will get redirected to google.co.in, Today I accessed Google.com with Google.com/ncr URL and wasn't redirected to google.co.in URL.

I was on Google.com URL.

Soon after this, I tried searching for something and noticed the change Google had made, I think this change was very much required and now everyone's Google search experience will get enhanced.

One thing I Like very much about Google is that they keep doing research and keep releasing new and useful updates be it Google search, YouTube or any other Google product.

Whats new in Google | Google search navigation is improved
What's new in Google search technology?

- Earlier the options to search Images, Maps, Shoppings, Videos, Search Tools options were in left hand pane of Google search engine, but now we can see these options right at the bottom of the Google search bar in Google.com.

Please see screenshot in left to know what I am talking about.

Double click the image to enlarge it.

How the new change in Google search helps?

- Now we don't have to scroll down to select Dictionrary option inside Search Tools, now I can click Search Tools below search bar and then select All results and then Dictionary option.

NoteAt present this change have been only implemented for Google.com URL and not available in Google.co.in URL.

Did you like the new change in Google Search? Please do comment.

Author : Pankaj // 13:54

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