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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Find why Internet is slow and how to fix it

Find why Internet is slow and how to fix it
Before we start discussing Internet slow speed issue and how to fix it, first let’s understand in brief about Internet and definition of slow. 

What is Internet? Internet is collection of computers (Web Servers) connected through networking devices and peripherals (switches, routers, firewall, network cables [Fiber cable, CAT 6 cables]). These web servers serve web pages to computer and mobile users through ISP (Leased Line, Broadband, 3G, 4G etc.).

What is definition of Slow? Slow is decrease in performance, meaning you see different between previous and current speed.

What causes slow Internet speed? and How to fix slow Internet speed issue?

There are several factors which would affect your Internet speed, let’s see what these factors are. We have ordered these factors from your computer to network settings, ISP and then other factors.

       1. Computer Performance: Has your computer performance gone slow, if so than it needed to be fixed first, because if your computer is running slow then you would definitely see performance issue in internet speed. 
As a troubleshooting you can try connecting other computer in your home to see if that makes the difference.
How to fix your computer performance issue:-
A.    Antivirus Scan: Update your computer virus definition file and then run full computer scan. You may want to read: How to remove Virus from mobile.
B.    Disk Space: Make sure C: drive on your computer have at least 5 GB of free disk space. Clean temporary files and browser history now and then regularly.
C.   Software Maintenance: Are all your software’s upgraded? If not please upgrade them, Do you have unwanted software’s? Please remove them.  Is your computer driver updated? If not update them.
D.   Change Browser: If found Google Chrome to be the fastest browser, hence request you to try out Google Chrome browser. If this doesn’t help then start browsing in safe-mode or disable any recently installed Add-ons.
         2. Network Settings: In network setting, we will start with local area network (LAN) card driver, network card configuration setting and then IP, DNS, Gateway setting.
Make sure your network card drivers are updated and then cable connecting to your network card is not broken or RJ45 PIN is not broken. If cable or PIN is broken, request your ISP to get it changed.
Did you change any network card settings? If so, please revert back any changes.
Did you change any network IP, DNS, Gateway settings? If so, please revert back any changes.
Do you use wireless router? Do not have major distance between your computer and wireless router else signal will be poor and you will see slow browsing and slow file upload, download issue.

      3. Internet Service Provider: If computer performance and network settings are not the cause of the issue then you would need to approach ISP, contact them and report the issue, also tell them you have already followed above steps. ISP might have issues with Router settings, DNS server issue.

      4. Other Factors: Sometime it might be only specific website may be running slow due to heavy load on the server or might be the location where the website is hosted having internet issue. If one website is slow then try accessing other website to confirm whether its Internet issue or website issue. You may read: How to check website speed.

      Restart (reboot) your computer, modem, router if haven't restarted for long time.

Example: Uploading videos on Facebook takes times and uploading videos on YouTube is faster. The reason behind this could be poor server hardware which is not capable to handle heavy requests or issue with their (Facebook) own internet service provider.

Let us know if above steps does not help you fix internet slow speed issue, we are happy to hear from you and fix your issue.

Author : Pankaj // 11:46

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