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Saturday, 13 October 2012

How to install software on Website

How to install software on website
Today, web (Internet) is a future, almost everyone is planning to setup a website or already have one. 
We need to install some additional software on a website apart from web server software like IIS, Apache, WordPress, Blogger etc. Like Google Analytics, Google Adsense, AddThis, Shopping Cart, Joomla. Click here to find installed software's on a website.

How to Install Software on a Website?

- Things you require:

1. Registered website domain name.
2. Access to website control panel where website is hosted.

- Steps to install software:

1. If you have a access to website control panel then it's quick and very easy to install software on your website. Simply access the control panel from your browser, login to the panel.

2. Thier you would see option to install software, select the software's which you want to install and then click install. Once software's are installed, you would see a message that software installed successfully.

3. Now access your website to see whether you can see newly installed software plug-ins, add-ons.

Personal Web Server: Majorly common users like you and me would have the access to control panel, but those who are running businesses might have their own server running the website in that case they have direct access to the server and can directly upload the software code to the wwwroot web directly and can also edit the XML and web.config configuration files. These user can directly upload software updates via FTP software like tftp and many others.

Why do we need to Software on Website?

We require to install software to get site usages statics, put ads (Google Adsense, Chitika etc.) to make money, social networking (Facebook, Twitter) etc.

Important Note

- We recommend to take complete website backup before making any change.
- Contact your website hosting provider (Godaddy etc.) if you can't find option to install software.

Do you have any questions or need any help? Please leave us a comment and we will revert back to you..

Author : Pankaj // 11:21


  1. When you don't use a cPanel, it's more difficult and the main reason why I switched from having a seperate server to a commercial one.
    But I love to do it manual and I installed the Joomla CMS on my hosting without using the auto-install applications!
    Joomla backup database


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