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Friday, 12 October 2012

How to fix Error on page in Internet Explorer

How to fix Error on page in Internet Explorer
Today, I was running a Google search and after couple of Google searches, I noticed following Error message at the bottom left hand side in status bar with a warning sign (Yellow exclamation mark). 

"Error on page." Please see screenshot for reference. 
If you double click on the 'Error on page' error then you would see a pop-up window with following details.

"Windows Internet Explorer: Errors on this webpage might cause it to work incorrectly.
 To see this message in the future, double-click the warning icon on the status bar. 

 Syntax error
 Code: 0" 

I had seen this error message many a time earlier but haven't thought much about it as I did not notice any issue in my browsing experience.


Since we do not see any issue in browsing we can completely ignore the warning message. 
But as I see Microsoft has released an KB article which shares 6 different methods to find workaround for this issue.
Please follow solution steps mentioned in KB article here:  click each method to expand solution under it.
Read the [MORE INFORMATION] section in KB article to know what would have caused the error: Error on page.


I would recommend you to upgrade your internet explorer software, if it is not upgraded yet. The latest internet explorer I would recommend you to use is version 9.

Author : Pankaj Parmar // 11:44

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