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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How to find ATM address

How to find ATM address

Finding ATM address wasn't easier until I found this way to find ATM address with the help of Google Places and some unique Google query.

Earlier I used to ask people, where is this bank, that bank ATM? that was old way to locate your ATM center address.

Previously through Google search I found couple of websites which proves to have complete worldwide ATM list, but actually they don't and their services are not functional.

How to find ATM address:

How to find ATM address from Google
1. Access Google Search Home Page.

2. Now type query ATM:Mumbai or any other place you want to find ATM's for. You can type specific location in city as well, like ATM:Borivali, ATM:Miami etc.

3. Now in left hand corner, click more option below shopping and then click Places option.

The moment we select Places option we would see number of available ATM's in that area with website address, complete ATM address, phone number and a Google map. Click the map image to enlarge it and know the way to reach the ATM.

Please refer (click) screen-shot to know how the ATM search results shows up in Google Places Search.

Now we can find (locate) any bank ATM address. Isn't it easier to locate your bank ATM center with Google places and unique Google query? Please do share your view, Does this article help? 

Author : Pankaj // 00:33


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