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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

How to Detach IE Tab

How to detach IE Tab
I have been using Windows XP with IE (Internet Explorer) 8 and several times I found the need of detaching (disconnecting) IE tab and putting it into another (new) browser window, but no such feature was available at that time in IE 8. 

Now, finally I could see the feature to detach (separate) a Tab and put it into another window in IE 9.

What is TAB? This is a browser feature wherein we can open multiple websites in a single browser window. Earlier, we had to open multiple windows for multiple website. Each tab opens a new process (iexplorer.exe etc.) for new tab. This is called Tabbed browsing.

How to Detach (remove) IE Tab?

1. Open websites in multiple tabs in IE 9.
2. Select any Tab which you want to move to new window, keep the left mouse button pressed and then move cursor to other location in your desktop and then release the mouse left button.
3. Now if you want to re-attach the Tab back to other Tab, then follow similar process (Step no. 2).

Why do we need to Detach IE Tab(s)?

At present, I can think of two reasons why we would require ungrouping (detach) IE Tabs.

1. Watching Videos: Suppose you are watching a video and at the same time somebody starts pinging you on Gtalk, Facebook, Yahoo chat, in this situation can detach the video tab so that can arrange both chat and video tab.

2. Remote Support: Suppose you have taken a LogMeIn (LMI) remote desktop support session and want to help your friend fix a computer problem, at the same time you have opened couple of support forums pages which has troubleshooting steps to fix the issue. In this case you can detach the LogMeIn tab so that you can read the steps and perform the steps on remote computer at the same time.

Minimum Requirement: Windows 7 OS and IE 9 browser.

Important Notes

- You can't install IE 9 on Windows XP machine.
- You would not require detaching a tab if you have already opened it in a new window instead new tab.

Bonus Tips

- There is an option in IE to change the Tabs related settings. Go to Tools menu, in General Tab, click Settings next to Tabs.

- Any changes made to Tabs settings would require you to restart Internet Explorer (Browser).

Author : Pankaj // 23:51

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