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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Free Trusted Software Download Websites

Free Trusted software download websites
The reason to publish this post is to help users identify which websites are genuine, real, and safe from virus,spyware so that user don't end up installing malicious software code along with actual software. 

The software download websites which we are sharing here are most them listed in DMOZ open directory project, Only authentic and real websites gets listed in DMOZ listing after waiting for couple of months. 

Please see below DMOZ listed website numbers.At the time of writing this article.

Freeware: 72 | Open Source 19 | Shareware 213 |  

What is DMOZ? It is open directory project under which websites gets added only after various reviews by several volunteers, basically in simple word, DMOZ objective is to build large good quality website database

Please see below list of (most common) Trusted Websites

Free Software
Download Website

Website Name
Traffic Rank
File Hippo
Nov, 2004
Soft Pedia
June, 2003
Sept, 2003

Open Source (Free)
Software Download Website

Source Forge
Aug, 1999
Scientific Psychic
Feb, 2001
Open Source Windows
Nov, 2005

Website traffic rank are recorded at the time of writing this article and may vary later.

Software Security and Safety Tips

1. Do not download and install well known software, driver from third party software download site as they are easily available on official software provider.

2.  Do not install unknown software's unless you really know about them.

3. Even if you install such software then uninstall them immediately if they are installed for testing purpose.

4. Scan the downloaded software setup file before installing it, also make sure your Antivirus software is updated.

Author : Pankaj // 12:56

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