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Friday, 12 October 2012

Find list of software installed on a website

Find list of software installed on a website
I have seen many post(s) on finding software installed on a computer but no single post about software installed on a website web server. I see that website (Web 2.0) is a future, everyday around 60 thousands websites domain gets registered.

I was curious to know which web server software, tools, utilities are running on a particular website. I found a Firefox Add-On which helped me answer this question. We simply need to install Wappalyzer Firefox Add-On, this add-on will provide us list of software(s) installed on a website.

Find list of software installed on a website
How to find list of software installed on a website

Step A: Install and configure Wappalyzer Firefox Add-On

1. Access Wappalyzer link and click Add to Firefox button (Green Color).

2. This will open up a pop-up window, click Wappalyzer listed under it and then wait for time out to complete and click Install.

3. Once installed, click Restart now, this will close and re-open Mozilla Firefox.

4. Now go to Tools, Add-Ons, and Click Extensions, now scroll down and click Options button next to Wappalyzer.

5. In Wappalyzer configuration screen, put a check mark for: Place in add-on-bar and click OK button. 

Step B: Access any website and find installed software's.

1. Now access any website for example: Microsoft.com and see status bar at the bottom. You will see various software icons, example: IIS, ASP.NET, Windows, jQuery etc. Click these icons to get detailed information about the software product installed on a website web server.

Similarly I accessed one technical Blog and found following software's on installed on Blog website.
PHP, WordPress, Apache, jQuery, Google Analaytics, AddThis.

Author : Pankaj // 11:30

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