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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Find LIVE running train status in india

Find running train status in india
The Days are gone when we used to ask other passenger which station will come up next?, Is training running on time? Also no need to call railway inquiry number or any friend to check whether train is running on time or it’s late?

Now we can track status of all trains, where they are, are they on time, are they delayed, delayed time. This is good news for all Indians, specially who travel frequently, as almost everyone have mobile phones and can see train running (LIVE) status online anytime, no matter where they go.

Find running train status in india
Today, I found 65% trains in India are running on time, rest 35% are running delayed.

Simply access Rail Radar railway inquiry site and their you go, you will see all running trains in India in a Google Map. 

Blue color are trains running on time.
Red color are trains running delayed.

On top in right hand side of the site we can see active running trains with ontime and delayed train percentage.

Alternatively, their is a side bar in blue color through which we can search trains, see legends.

With the help of Rail Radar site, I tracked Aravali express, now you can start tracking your train. Please screenshot for reference.

Author : Pankaj // 09:44

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