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Monday, 1 October 2012

Block others writing and adding photo on your Facebook wall

Block others writing and adding photo on your Facebook wall
I am sure you and many other Facebook'ees have faced this issue, wherein some of your friends, adds their photos and write some text message on your wall and which we don't like, but we don't know how to block your Facebook friends from writing on your wall or adding photo on your wall. 

Two, three times it has happens when my Facebook friends added their photo on my Facebook wall, to increase their popularity.

Why should we block (stop) our Facebook friends from adding photos and writing on our wall?

If we don't block them then they might end up adding useless, abusive photos or text. I would say only you should have control on your wall, if they want to share something then they can tag you in photo or send you an message directly instead writing on your wall.

Block others writing and adding photo on your Facebook wall
How to block others writing and adding photo on your Facebook wall? 

1. Under Home menu in upper right hand corner, click arrow next to it and then click 'Privacy Settings'

2. Now click 'Edit Settings' next to Timeline and Tagging.

3. This will open up a pop-up box inside browser, now next to Who can post on your timeline? change setting from 'Friends' to 'No one', and click 'Done'.
Please click screen-shot to understand steps.

That's it, now NO one can post on your wall, except you. Have Safe Facebooking!!!

Author : Pankaj // 08:13

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