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Friday, 26 October 2012

Fix:The url you requested has been blocked

Fix:The url you requested has been blocked
In offices most of the websites are blocked due to firewall (security) restriction, specially news, games, social networking, business websites are blocked. people requires to access these websites on daily basis. Like me did you ever be in a situation wherein you tried to access sites such as facebook.com, yahoo.com, naukri.com, monster etc. site or any article you find through Google search and you got error as mentioned below.

"The URL you requested has been blocked. URL = timesofindia.indiatimes.com/"
"The URL you requested has been blocked. URL = naukri.com/"
"The URL you requested has been blocked. URL = facebook.com/"
"The URL you requested has been blocked. URL = timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/I-have-no-energy-left-support-Uddhav-and-Aditya-Bal-Thackeray-tells-Sainiks/articleshow/16944914.cms"

The URL may vary as it depend upon the website name are you trying to access.

Sometime websites which are required to complete a task also gets blocked due to keyword filtering in firewall, such keywords ares sports, cricket etc. The most commonly blocked sites are personal blog websites which has person name+blogspot.co.in URL, in such URLs content is really useful and required for you to complete your task but sites gets blocked.

So far we have talked about the issue and the issue only, let's see how to fix the error: The url you requested has been blocked


The solution is pretty straight forward and simple to use.

Simply add this URL: https://gaopiproxy.appspot.com before the site which got blocked.

Example 1:
Suppose you were trying to access site with URL: support.jesoba.com and you got error: The url you requested has been blocked

Then simply add https://gaopiproxy.appspot.com before the URL, now the URL would like as following.


Example 2:
Suppose you were trying to access something through Google search and when you clicked URL in search result you got following error.

"The URL you requested has been blocked. URL = www.google.co.in/url?url=http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/I-have-no-energy-left-support-Uddhav-and-Aditya-Bal-Thackeray-tells-Sainiks/articleshow/16944914.cms&rct=j&sa=X&ei=5uuIUO-MNMyPrgfNzoGQDQ&ved=0CCQQgBAoADAA&q=india+news&usg=AFQjCNGSEjB0qaHpDX4tswBAtc2UAHo0wA"

In such situation make following changes in the URL mentioned in address bar of the browser (Bet it IE, Firefox, Chrome)

Current (Blocked) URL: http://www.google.co.in/url?url=http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/I-have-no-energy-left-support-Uddhav-and-Aditya-Bal-Thackeray-tells-Sainiks/articleshow/16944914.cms&rct=j&sa=X&ei=5uuIUO-MNMyPrgfNzoGQDQ&ved=0CCQQgBAoADAA&q=india+news&usg=AFQjCNGSEjB0qaHpDX4tswBAtc2UAHo0wA

New (Unblocked) URL:


What has been changed in new (unblocked) URL:

1. We added https://gaopiproxy.appspot.com/ before the URL
2. We removed http:// from current (blocked) URL

Now when you will try to access the site article with New (Unblocked) URL you will get message similar to mentioned below.

"The URL you requested has been blocked. URL = timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/I-have-no-energy-left-support-Uddhav-and-Aditya-Bal-Thackeray-tells-Sainiks/articleshow/16944914.cms"

Now in above URL make those two changes again.

1. We added https://gaopiproxy.appspot.com/ before the URL
2. We removed http:// from current (blocked) URL

The URL would look like as follow:


Here we go...., congratulations!!!! Happy browsing.

This tip will help you bypass firewall filtering (policy) and will let you access any blocked website or blocked article. It is completely safe and no risks are involved.


- Make sure you do not put http:// for the original URL, else the site won't open.
- I have observed this error or issue in Fortinet's Fortiguard firewall.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Use your Computer as a TV without TV Tuner

Use your computer as a tv without tv tuner
Now we can convert our computer (Be it laptop, desktop) we can convert them into TV without purchasing TV tuner card.
Days are done when we were required to buy TV tuner card, now days we can watch any type of TV channels online over a website. 
I have been regularly watching Hindi news, movies, and serials channels over Internet and its good.

If you use Internet as a medium for watching TV channels then you can save the cost of TV Tuner card (1000 Rs) and Dish TV cost (1000 Rs).

You must be wondering whether all TV channels are available to watch over internet, yes of course. Even I have stopped using TV tuner card and requested my TV cable operator to stop my services, so now I am saving monthly (250 Rs) on my cable services.

Use your Computer as a TV without TV Tuner
How to watch TV Online over Internet free?

2. Choose the channel from various categories (Sports, News, Music, Tamil, Malayalam, Telgu, Movies, Regional, Education, Hindi) TV.
3. If you can’t find your favorite TV channel, then click More <> Channels.
4. Once you have selected the channel, it will start loading and you might see Advertisement, click X button to close them.
5. Or else you can click arrow type icons to watch TV in full screen, doing this will cause Ad to disappear automatically. Press Esc. Key to go back to normal mode.

Please see above screenshot for reference.

I have not tried watching all the channels, but I had watched AAJTAK, SONY, Start Plus, Start Gold, and Life OK many a times. You can NASA TV too free on this site, this channel provides all NASA activity videos.
I have saved (1000 Rs) on dish TV and saving monthly (~250 Rs) on dish TV recharge voucher.

Important Notes

-       1. The video quality is poor, compared to dish TV HD technology.
-       2. If one stream is not working, then you can click stream 2.
-       3. If your Internet is down or speed is very slow, then you would see delay in streaming the video.

So when you are going to give this a try?

How to find downloaded files in Internet Explorer

How to find downloaded files list in Internet Explorer
I am computer engineer and many a time it has happened to me that I couldn't remember where I had saved (downloaded) a particular file, this happens as I work on multiple computers, laptops etc.

IE (Internet Explorer) version 9 has introduced a feature through which we can now see downloaded files list, as you might know such features (options) are already in Mozilla Firefox browser.

What is download? What does download means, download is a process in which we download a file from Internet (Web server) to our local computer hard disk, it could be software setup, movie, music, game etc.

How to find downloaded files list in internet explorer?

1. Click the wheel icon in IE in top right hand corner.

2. And Click View Downloads (Shortcut is Ctrl+J)

3. This will open up a pop-up window in browser itself, in this list you can see recently downloaded (Software’s, Documents, Movies, Music) files.

Along with the downloaded files list, you can search the downloaded files as well and change the download file location by clicking 'Options' available in bottom left hand side of the pop-up. One more thing, you can click 'Clear list' button to clean the download files history.

Minimum Requirement: Windows 7 OS and IE 9


- Shortcut to find downloaded files in Internet Explorer is Ctrl+J

- Default File Download Location in IE 9 is C:\Users\<username>\Downloads, replace <username> with your user name OR you can open 'Documents' from start menu and then click Downloads under Favorites in top left hand side of the Documents windows.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

How to Detach IE Tab

How to detach IE Tab
I have been using Windows XP with IE (Internet Explorer) 8 and several times I found the need of detaching (disconnecting) IE tab and putting it into another (new) browser window, but no such feature was available at that time in IE 8. 

Now, finally I could see the feature to detach (separate) a Tab and put it into another window in IE 9.

What is TAB? This is a browser feature wherein we can open multiple websites in a single browser window. Earlier, we had to open multiple windows for multiple website. Each tab opens a new process (iexplorer.exe etc.) for new tab. This is called Tabbed browsing.

How to Detach (remove) IE Tab?

1. Open websites in multiple tabs in IE 9.
2. Select any Tab which you want to move to new window, keep the left mouse button pressed and then move cursor to other location in your desktop and then release the mouse left button.
3. Now if you want to re-attach the Tab back to other Tab, then follow similar process (Step no. 2).

Why do we need to Detach IE Tab(s)?

At present, I can think of two reasons why we would require ungrouping (detach) IE Tabs.

1. Watching Videos: Suppose you are watching a video and at the same time somebody starts pinging you on Gtalk, Facebook, Yahoo chat, in this situation can detach the video tab so that can arrange both chat and video tab.

2. Remote Support: Suppose you have taken a LogMeIn (LMI) remote desktop support session and want to help your friend fix a computer problem, at the same time you have opened couple of support forums pages which has troubleshooting steps to fix the issue. In this case you can detach the LogMeIn tab so that you can read the steps and perform the steps on remote computer at the same time.

Minimum Requirement: Windows 7 OS and IE 9 browser.

Important Notes

- You can't install IE 9 on Windows XP machine.
- You would not require detaching a tab if you have already opened it in a new window instead new tab.

Bonus Tips

- There is an option in IE to change the Tabs related settings. Go to Tools menu, in General Tab, click Settings next to Tabs.

- Any changes made to Tabs settings would require you to restart Internet Explorer (Browser).

Find why Internet is slow and how to fix it

Find why Internet is slow and how to fix it
Before we start discussing Internet slow speed issue and how to fix it, first let’s understand in brief about Internet and definition of slow. 

What is Internet? Internet is collection of computers (Web Servers) connected through networking devices and peripherals (switches, routers, firewall, network cables [Fiber cable, CAT 6 cables]). These web servers serve web pages to computer and mobile users through ISP (Leased Line, Broadband, 3G, 4G etc.).

What is definition of Slow? Slow is decrease in performance, meaning you see different between previous and current speed.

What causes slow Internet speed? and How to fix slow Internet speed issue?

There are several factors which would affect your Internet speed, let’s see what these factors are. We have ordered these factors from your computer to network settings, ISP and then other factors.

       1. Computer Performance: Has your computer performance gone slow, if so than it needed to be fixed first, because if your computer is running slow then you would definitely see performance issue in internet speed. 
As a troubleshooting you can try connecting other computer in your home to see if that makes the difference.
How to fix your computer performance issue:-
A.    Antivirus Scan: Update your computer virus definition file and then run full computer scan. You may want to read: How to remove Virus from mobile.
B.    Disk Space: Make sure C: drive on your computer have at least 5 GB of free disk space. Clean temporary files and browser history now and then regularly.
C.   Software Maintenance: Are all your software’s upgraded? If not please upgrade them, Do you have unwanted software’s? Please remove them.  Is your computer driver updated? If not update them.
D.   Change Browser: If found Google Chrome to be the fastest browser, hence request you to try out Google Chrome browser. If this doesn’t help then start browsing in safe-mode or disable any recently installed Add-ons.
         2. Network Settings: In network setting, we will start with local area network (LAN) card driver, network card configuration setting and then IP, DNS, Gateway setting.
Make sure your network card drivers are updated and then cable connecting to your network card is not broken or RJ45 PIN is not broken. If cable or PIN is broken, request your ISP to get it changed.
Did you change any network card settings? If so, please revert back any changes.
Did you change any network IP, DNS, Gateway settings? If so, please revert back any changes.
Do you use wireless router? Do not have major distance between your computer and wireless router else signal will be poor and you will see slow browsing and slow file upload, download issue.

      3. Internet Service Provider: If computer performance and network settings are not the cause of the issue then you would need to approach ISP, contact them and report the issue, also tell them you have already followed above steps. ISP might have issues with Router settings, DNS server issue.

      4. Other Factors: Sometime it might be only specific website may be running slow due to heavy load on the server or might be the location where the website is hosted having internet issue. If one website is slow then try accessing other website to confirm whether its Internet issue or website issue. You may read: How to check website speed.

      Restart (reboot) your computer, modem, router if haven't restarted for long time.

Example: Uploading videos on Facebook takes times and uploading videos on YouTube is faster. The reason behind this could be poor server hardware which is not capable to handle heavy requests or issue with their (Facebook) own internet service provider.

Let us know if above steps does not help you fix internet slow speed issue, we are happy to hear from you and fix your issue.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Free Trusted Software Download Websites

Free Trusted software download websites
The reason to publish this post is to help users identify which websites are genuine, real, and safe from virus,spyware so that user don't end up installing malicious software code along with actual software. 

The software download websites which we are sharing here are most them listed in DMOZ open directory project, Only authentic and real websites gets listed in DMOZ listing after waiting for couple of months. 

Please see below DMOZ listed website numbers.At the time of writing this article.

Freeware: 72 | Open Source 19 | Shareware 213 |  

What is DMOZ? It is open directory project under which websites gets added only after various reviews by several volunteers, basically in simple word, DMOZ objective is to build large good quality website database

Please see below list of (most common) Trusted Websites

Free Software
Download Website

Website Name
Traffic Rank
File Hippo
Nov, 2004
Soft Pedia
June, 2003
Sept, 2003

Open Source (Free)
Software Download Website

Source Forge
Aug, 1999
Scientific Psychic
Feb, 2001
Open Source Windows
Nov, 2005

Website traffic rank are recorded at the time of writing this article and may vary later.

Software Security and Safety Tips

1. Do not download and install well known software, driver from third party software download site as they are easily available on official software provider.

2.  Do not install unknown software's unless you really know about them.

3. Even if you install such software then uninstall them immediately if they are installed for testing purpose.

4. Scan the downloaded software setup file before installing it, also make sure your Antivirus software is updated.

How to install software on Website

How to install software on website
Today, web (Internet) is a future, almost everyone is planning to setup a website or already have one. 
We need to install some additional software on a website apart from web server software like IIS, Apache, WordPress, Blogger etc. Like Google Analytics, Google Adsense, AddThis, Shopping Cart, Joomla. Click here to find installed software's on a website.

How to Install Software on a Website?

- Things you require:

1. Registered website domain name.
2. Access to website control panel where website is hosted.

- Steps to install software:

1. If you have a access to website control panel then it's quick and very easy to install software on your website. Simply access the control panel from your browser, login to the panel.

2. Thier you would see option to install software, select the software's which you want to install and then click install. Once software's are installed, you would see a message that software installed successfully.

3. Now access your website to see whether you can see newly installed software plug-ins, add-ons.

Personal Web Server: Majorly common users like you and me would have the access to control panel, but those who are running businesses might have their own server running the website in that case they have direct access to the server and can directly upload the software code to the wwwroot web directly and can also edit the XML and web.config configuration files. These user can directly upload software updates via FTP software like tftp and many others.

Why do we need to Software on Website?

We require to install software to get site usages statics, put ads (Google Adsense, Chitika etc.) to make money, social networking (Facebook, Twitter) etc.

Important Note

- We recommend to take complete website backup before making any change.
- Contact your website hosting provider (Godaddy etc.) if you can't find option to install software.

Do you have any questions or need any help? Please leave us a comment and we will revert back to you..

Friday, 12 October 2012

How to fix Error on page in Internet Explorer

How to fix Error on page in Internet Explorer
Today, I was running a Google search and after couple of Google searches, I noticed following Error message at the bottom left hand side in status bar with a warning sign (Yellow exclamation mark). 

"Error on page." Please see screenshot for reference. 
If you double click on the 'Error on page' error then you would see a pop-up window with following details.

"Windows Internet Explorer: Errors on this webpage might cause it to work incorrectly.
 To see this message in the future, double-click the warning icon on the status bar. 

 Syntax error
 Code: 0" 

I had seen this error message many a time earlier but haven't thought much about it as I did not notice any issue in my browsing experience.


Since we do not see any issue in browsing we can completely ignore the warning message. 
But as I see Microsoft has released an KB article which shares 6 different methods to find workaround for this issue.
Please follow solution steps mentioned in KB article here:  click each method to expand solution under it.
Read the [MORE INFORMATION] section in KB article to know what would have caused the error: Error on page.


I would recommend you to upgrade your internet explorer software, if it is not upgraded yet. The latest internet explorer I would recommend you to use is version 9.

Find list of software installed on a website

Find list of software installed on a website
I have seen many post(s) on finding software installed on a computer but no single post about software installed on a website web server. I see that website (Web 2.0) is a future, everyday around 60 thousands websites domain gets registered.

I was curious to know which web server software, tools, utilities are running on a particular website. I found a Firefox Add-On which helped me answer this question. We simply need to install Wappalyzer Firefox Add-On, this add-on will provide us list of software(s) installed on a website.

Find list of software installed on a website
How to find list of software installed on a website

Step A: Install and configure Wappalyzer Firefox Add-On

1. Access Wappalyzer link and click Add to Firefox button (Green Color).

2. This will open up a pop-up window, click Wappalyzer listed under it and then wait for time out to complete and click Install.

3. Once installed, click Restart now, this will close and re-open Mozilla Firefox.

4. Now go to Tools, Add-Ons, and Click Extensions, now scroll down and click Options button next to Wappalyzer.

5. In Wappalyzer configuration screen, put a check mark for: Place in add-on-bar and click OK button. 

Step B: Access any website and find installed software's.

1. Now access any website for example: Microsoft.com and see status bar at the bottom. You will see various software icons, example: IIS, ASP.NET, Windows, jQuery etc. Click these icons to get detailed information about the software product installed on a website web server.

Similarly I accessed one technical Blog and found following software's on installed on Blog website.
PHP, WordPress, Apache, jQuery, Google Analaytics, AddThis.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Find LIVE running train status in india

Find running train status in india
The Days are gone when we used to ask other passenger which station will come up next?, Is training running on time? Also no need to call railway inquiry number or any friend to check whether train is running on time or it’s late?

Now we can track status of all trains, where they are, are they on time, are they delayed, delayed time. This is good news for all Indians, specially who travel frequently, as almost everyone have mobile phones and can see train running (LIVE) status online anytime, no matter where they go.

Find running train status in india
Today, I found 65% trains in India are running on time, rest 35% are running delayed.

Simply access Rail Radar railway inquiry site and their you go, you will see all running trains in India in a Google Map. 

Blue color are trains running on time.
Red color are trains running delayed.

On top in right hand side of the site we can see active running trains with ontime and delayed train percentage.

Alternatively, their is a side bar in blue color through which we can search trains, see legends.

With the help of Rail Radar site, I tracked Aravali express, now you can start tracking your train. Please screenshot for reference.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How to open Google in new tab in Firefox, Internet Explorer

How to open Google in new tab in Firefox, Internet Explorer
Do you want to open Google home page automatically each time you open new tab in Mozilla Firefox, we can achieve this by making some simple configuration changes in Firefox configuration settings.

Today, most of the people are dependent on Google for finding any information. I thought let's open Google on each new tab we open so that we don't have to type www.Google.com or click home button (provided Google is your homepage) when you open new tab. This saves our time.

How to open Google in new tab in Firefox:

1. Start Mozilla Firefox

2. Type about:config in address bar

3. Click 'I'll be careful, I promise!' button

4. Now search for value browser.newtab.url now double click the value in results and change the string value from 'about:newtab' to 'www.google.com'

5. If you want to revert back the changes then replace the value with 'about:newtab' old value.

Note: Do not include ' ' in www.google.com

How to open Google in new tab in Internet Explorer

Follow below steps to if you want to open Google search page each time you open new tab in internet explorer

1. Go to 'Tools' menu.

2. Click 'Internet Options'.

3. Click 'Settings' option next to Tabs at the bottom of the Internet Options window.

4. Now select 'Your first home page' under option: When a new tab is opened, open:

5. Click OK, OK twice.

Note: Make sure your home page is already set as Google.

Steps are recorded from IE (Internet Explorer) version 8.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How to find ATM address

How to find ATM address

Finding ATM address wasn't easier until I found this way to find ATM address with the help of Google Places and some unique Google query.

Earlier I used to ask people, where is this bank, that bank ATM? that was old way to locate your ATM center address.

Previously through Google search I found couple of websites which proves to have complete worldwide ATM list, but actually they don't and their services are not functional.

How to find ATM address:

How to find ATM address from Google
1. Access Google Search Home Page.

2. Now type query ATM:Mumbai or any other place you want to find ATM's for. You can type specific location in city as well, like ATM:Borivali, ATM:Miami etc.

3. Now in left hand corner, click more option below shopping and then click Places option.

The moment we select Places option we would see number of available ATM's in that area with website address, complete ATM address, phone number and a Google map. Click the map image to enlarge it and know the way to reach the ATM.

Please refer (click) screen-shot to know how the ATM search results shows up in Google Places Search.

Now we can find (locate) any bank ATM address. Isn't it easier to locate your bank ATM center with Google places and unique Google query? Please do share your view, Does this article help? 

Monday, 1 October 2012

Block others writing and adding photo on your Facebook wall

Block others writing and adding photo on your Facebook wall
I am sure you and many other Facebook'ees have faced this issue, wherein some of your friends, adds their photos and write some text message on your wall and which we don't like, but we don't know how to block your Facebook friends from writing on your wall or adding photo on your wall. 

Two, three times it has happens when my Facebook friends added their photo on my Facebook wall, to increase their popularity.

Why should we block (stop) our Facebook friends from adding photos and writing on our wall?

If we don't block them then they might end up adding useless, abusive photos or text. I would say only you should have control on your wall, if they want to share something then they can tag you in photo or send you an message directly instead writing on your wall.

Block others writing and adding photo on your Facebook wall
How to block others writing and adding photo on your Facebook wall? 

1. Under Home menu in upper right hand corner, click arrow next to it and then click 'Privacy Settings'

2. Now click 'Edit Settings' next to Timeline and Tagging.

3. This will open up a pop-up box inside browser, now next to Who can post on your timeline? change setting from 'Friends' to 'No one', and click 'Done'.
Please click screen-shot to understand steps.

That's it, now NO one can post on your wall, except you. Have Safe Facebooking!!!

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