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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Logmein security issues | Is LogMeIn secure?

Logmein security issues | Is LogMeIn secure?
When I heard of LogMeIn in the year 2008 from my manager I had similar questions for him, whether LogMeIn is really safe and secure? At that time my boss used to control office computer from over his mobile phone in emergency situation.

From that time onwards to till Today, LogMeIn has improved a lot in terms of security and features. 

As of Today, following security measures are available in LogMeIn.

1. HTTPS:- LogMeIn runs over secure protocol, this is most important security aspect for any web application, when you access something over HTTPS, everything is encrypted that mean no one can extract and read your login / password information at all or see your screen. 

2. LogMeIn Password:- Apart from HTTPS security, one has to login to LogMeIn.com first before one can access the computer remotely. This is 2nd layer of security in LogMeIn.

3. Computer Credentials:- Once LogMeIn.com login is successful, one has to authenticate to computer with computer login credentials. This is 3rd layer of security in LogMeIn.

Logmein personal password security
4. Personal Password:- Apart from previous login credentials we can add LogMeIn 'Personal Password' to add extra layer of security, this means even if you login to LogMeIn website and knows computer credentials you can't login unless you have Personal Password. 

Personal password does not contain special characters only alphabets and numbers. The greatest thing of personal password is, LogMeIn won't ask you enter complete personal password but only some letter from it in a boxed window. Please see a screenshot in left to help it understand better.

4. Security Logging:- Apart from providing these security features, LogMeIn provide us complete logging history so that we know if someone else tries to login to your computer.

Moreover companies like IBM, AMD, HSBC, SAP etc. usages LogMeIn, I hope this article / post clarifies your query /doubt on LogMeIn security.  So now you can confidently keep your machine ON for accessing it remotely.

Please do share your LogMeIn experience; did you faced any security issue in LogMeIn? We are happy to hear from you.

Author : Pankaj // 22:38

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