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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Is Facebook Secure? Safe?

Is Facebook Secure? Safe?
Everyone (Specially parents) would want to know whether Facebook is really secure and safe? We will help you know how safe and secure is Facebook? and what can be done to make Facebook more secure and safe? 

For Your Information, Facebook has tied up with various security agencies and deployed dedicated security experts team to increase Facebook Security and Safety.

Is Facebook Secure? Yes, Facebook is very much secure, I agree to it and I really mean it. Let me tell you couple of incidents which proves it.

Example 1: As Facebook is blocked in my office, I was trying to access it via US proxy server and eventually I got access to Facebook page, but it didn't allow me to login with just username and password, I was asked to either enter 'Secure question answer' Or 'Identify friend's name' from various photo's. 

Example 2: One Day I tried to test Facebook security, I tried login to my Facebook a/c multiple times with incorrect password, soon I got an email from Facebook that someone is trying to login to your Facebook a/c.

"Sorry you've been having trouble logging into your Facebook account. Get back on Facebook now"

Example 3: Today, I changed my Facebook a/c password and thought let's enter old password and see what happens, the moment I entered old password I got following message in red color.

"This account info was recently changed." And not just this it would tell you the time when the password was changed.

Moreover, Facebook provides options to run it on HTTPS, but I think it would be great, if they force all connection to be secure (HTTPS). By default Facebook runs only on HTTP (Not secure). I know you might be wondering what different does it makes if it is HTTPS, very simple, if it is HTTPS then if you forgot to log-out and closed the browser than your login session is automatically logged out.

How to increase Facebook security?

Click here to learn Facebook security and Like Facebook security page to keep getting updates on Facebook security.

Is Facebook Safe? Facebook is not safe as it seems to be, Facebook keeps increasing safety but it's not enough yet. The major safety concern, I see is people create duplicate (similar) profile of original profile and pretend to be real person and upload useless image and use bad language.

Facebook should implement a way so that Facebook account goes through an authentication process like we have process for getting voting card, passport etc. I know it's not that easy for Facebook to implement such thing

How to report safety issue to Facebook?

Do you or your friend / kids ever faced any Facebook safety issues like (Duplicate profile, upload image, video without permission etc) well then you can report such thing to Facebook.

Click here to report issues to Facebook by answering very simple questions. Ask multiple Facebook friend's to report such issue so that Facebook would take faster and immediate action.

Like Facebook safety page to keep getting Facebook safety updates and click here to learn Facebook safety.

Note: Facebook wants issues to be reported immediately, when they are fresh, latest, and new so that it become easier for them to take strict actions faster

Author : Pankaj // 21:22

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