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Saturday, 22 September 2012

How to restart browser | Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome

How to restart browser | Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome
Many a time our browser requires to be restarted while surfing Internet, checking email and chatting this happens specially when we have opened so many websites or so many other applications are running on computer and browser stops responding.
What is browser restart?: Browser restart is closing and re-opening the browser.
What is a browser?: A browser is a Internet client software (i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome) 
which is used to access Internet websites.
Why do we require restarting browser?: Browser restart is required in following scenarios?
We are sharing reasons as to why we require restarting the browser.
1. Hang - Sometime our browser stops responding, this is usually when we open several websites all together or heavy file download is going on and at the same time our system is running low on resources.
2. Add-on installation - This is genuine reason to restart browser, this is similar to restarting computer after installing an application, although not every application requires to restart computer.
3. Scripts - Sometime website are loaded with many scripts and this scripts may take time to get loaded and in this situation either you can wait Or if even after waiting nothing helps then you will require to restart your browser.
How restart browser?: Click the 'X' button in your browser located on top right hand corner and then re-open the browser from 'All programs' list at start menu.

If you suspect that some newly installed Add-on might be causing the issue then click 'Tools' menu in your browser and then click 'Restart with Add-on disabled' option. 

Doing this will restart your browser without loading any Add-ons, this is useful for troubleshooting browser issues.
What can be done to avoid browser restart?: Although it is not possible to completely avoid this scenario, but if we take some measures than we can minimize such scenarios like: 

1. Install only genuine and required Add-ons, 
2. Keep closing tabs when you are done, 
3. If system is running on low resources than close other programs.

Author : Pankaj // 17:01

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