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Saturday, 22 September 2012

How to install software application

How to install software application
Complete software installation guide for common computer users. It might not be easier for people other than techsavvy to install software application.

This guide is applicable for all type of computer software application installation be it Windows, Mac, Linux, may be some steps might get excluded.

Pre Software Installation Tasks: Tasks which you will perform before installing software.

1. Identity which product version do you requires downloading 32bit or 64bit, click here to find difference.

2. Check whether your system meets both software and hardware requirement, for this check product guide.

3. Download the software application from reliable website.

4. Once download completes, scan it, if virus scanner is outdated update it first and then scan it.

5. If downloaded file is compressed than decompress it first, as without decompressing you can't install the software.

6. Now read the read me text file inside the decompressed folder, this file contains installation steps, known issues etc.

7. Finally, double click the installation (MSI, EXE) file and complete the setup wizard, by clicking next, next and accept software licensing agreement.

Post Software Installation Tasks: Tasks which you will perform after software installation.

1. If installation completes successfully follow below steps else read:Software Installation Troubleshooting and also read Software installation do's and don'ts

2. Reboot your computer, if software prompts to reboot, in general I would advice to reboot the server after any software installation.

3. Once server is up again after reboot, perform disk defragment

Author : Pankaj // 17:28

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