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Sunday, 30 September 2012

How to find old photos from Google Image Search

How to find old photos from Google Image Search
Let's see how to find old photos in Google Image Search, From long time I was thinking how can I find old photos of my favorite actors, actresses, famous people but it wasn't that straight forward task as we have to go through various websites to find old photo of any celebrity.

I came across a shortcut to find old photos, the easier and faster way, wouldn't you want to know how you can find your favorite personalities childhood photos, how he or she looked.

Steps to find old photos from Google face search 

2. Enter name of your friend or any other person (celebrity etc.)
3. Now scroll down and click 'Black and White' under section 'Any Color' in lower left hand corner.
4. Now click 'Face' under section 'Any Type' in lower left hand corner.

That's it the moment you select the 'Face' option you would start seeing that person's all images in black & white photo's (old photo's) which will include both childhood, young, and latest images.

You can click 'Large' option under 'Any size' in lower left hand corner to see only bigger pictures.

Alternatively you can search with Google query Childhood picture of .......(Famous people name) in Google Search as well.

Benefits of searching people with black & white search.

1. Easy to find very old photos
2. No need to access multiple websites, all photos gets displayed in a single window with face.

Check out: Indian Actors, Actresses Childhood photos. I had found this link after following above steps.

Author : Pankaj // 07:28

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