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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Free stress management software for mobile

Free stress management software for mobile
Although our Life is becoming easier with the help of latest technology enhancements, but stress is increasing in everybody's life and it become utmost important to live healthy and balanced life. 

While searching for article on Sneezing I found this app and thought of sharing with all of you. This is free mobile app for managing stress.

This application helps monitor our mood and help it improves over the period of time. We can add photos of our good memory or some laughter moments. Overall its a fun application.

I know just a mobile application won't help us cop up with stress but it requires to have our life well organized.

The application name is Moody Me and it is free app for Apple iPhone.

Click here to download this app and get detailed information about it.

Scan the QR code from above link to get it downloaded on your phone instantly.

Author : Pankaj // 16:19

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