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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Distance between two places | Find with Google Tool

Distance between two places | find with Google Tool

I thought of writing this article when I found it difficult to find distance between two places but somehow I managed to get the distance in km (kilometer), meter etc.

This article will help you find distance between office to home, distance between home to college, distance between offices and between any other places, location. 

 How to find distance between two places.

Things you would need:

1. Access to Google Maps
2. Name of two places (Cities, Village, Town, Area etc.)

Steps to find (calculate) distance between two places.

1. Click here to access Google Maps.
2. Now search for the location you want to calculate distance for.
3. Now Zoom In by moving the bar towards + sign.
4. Click 'Google Labs' hyperlink in left hand corner at bottom.
5. This would open a pop-up screen in the browser itself.
6. Now 'Enable' 'Distance Measurement Tool' and click 'Save Changes'. By default it is disabled.

Steps 1 to Steps 6 are for only time.

Distance between two places example

7. Now click on the Scale icon to find distance between two places. Check the above image to see how scale icon looks like.
8. This will open up 'Distance Measurement Tool' in right pane.
9. Now click on road near place A, once you click location, you will see a green flag.
10. Now click on road near place B, once you click location, you will see a red flag with a red line automatically getting drawn between this places.
11. Check left hand pane for calculated distance.


- Do not click on location (Place name), click only on road near by it.
- If you have selected incorrect location then click 'Reset' in left hand pane. 
- It takes 10 to 12 minutes to walk 1 kilometer distance.

In Above image we calculated the distance between marine lines station, Mumbai to H2O.

Are you still finding it difficult to find distance between two places, cities etc. 

Please don't hesitate leave us a comment and we will help you out. 
Share with us how you used to calculate distance between places earlier?

Author : Pankaj // 06:13

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