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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Is Facebook Secure? Safe?

Is Facebook Secure? Safe?
Everyone (Specially parents) would want to know whether Facebook is really secure and safe? We will help you know how safe and secure is Facebook? and what can be done to make Facebook more secure and safe? 

For Your Information, Facebook has tied up with various security agencies and deployed dedicated security experts team to increase Facebook Security and Safety.

Is Facebook Secure? Yes, Facebook is very much secure, I agree to it and I really mean it. Let me tell you couple of incidents which proves it.

Example 1: As Facebook is blocked in my office, I was trying to access it via US proxy server and eventually I got access to Facebook page, but it didn't allow me to login with just username and password, I was asked to either enter 'Secure question answer' Or 'Identify friend's name' from various photo's. 

Example 2: One Day I tried to test Facebook security, I tried login to my Facebook a/c multiple times with incorrect password, soon I got an email from Facebook that someone is trying to login to your Facebook a/c.

"Sorry you've been having trouble logging into your Facebook account. Get back on Facebook now"

Example 3: Today, I changed my Facebook a/c password and thought let's enter old password and see what happens, the moment I entered old password I got following message in red color.

"This account info was recently changed." And not just this it would tell you the time when the password was changed.

Moreover, Facebook provides options to run it on HTTPS, but I think it would be great, if they force all connection to be secure (HTTPS). By default Facebook runs only on HTTP (Not secure). I know you might be wondering what different does it makes if it is HTTPS, very simple, if it is HTTPS then if you forgot to log-out and closed the browser than your login session is automatically logged out.

How to increase Facebook security?

Click here to learn Facebook security and Like Facebook security page to keep getting updates on Facebook security.

Is Facebook Safe? Facebook is not safe as it seems to be, Facebook keeps increasing safety but it's not enough yet. The major safety concern, I see is people create duplicate (similar) profile of original profile and pretend to be real person and upload useless image and use bad language.

Facebook should implement a way so that Facebook account goes through an authentication process like we have process for getting voting card, passport etc. I know it's not that easy for Facebook to implement such thing

How to report safety issue to Facebook?

Do you or your friend / kids ever faced any Facebook safety issues like (Duplicate profile, upload image, video without permission etc) well then you can report such thing to Facebook.

Click here to report issues to Facebook by answering very simple questions. Ask multiple Facebook friend's to report such issue so that Facebook would take faster and immediate action.

Like Facebook safety page to keep getting Facebook safety updates and click here to learn Facebook safety.

Note: Facebook wants issues to be reported immediately, when they are fresh, latest, and new so that it become easier for them to take strict actions faster

How to give new look to Gmail | A Classic look

How to give new look to Gmail | A Classic look
So far, I have used so many free (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) and paid (Outlook Web Access, Zimbra) email services and majorly I continued using Hotmail over the years and Gmail sometime as I had created Blogs and were using various Gmail services.

Till Today's I didn't like Gmail's email interface As the Gmail look is not good as Hotmail.
For a common user it might be difficult to navigate options in Gmail, even I had faced difficulties in finding Forward/Reply options etc.

It's today until I thought of giving a complete new look to my Gmail email a/c and after changing few things, Gmail looks much better than standard Gmail look (interface). A complete make over for Gmail email account. I am sharing here what I did to make Gmail look better and enhanced to make your Gmail experience better.

How to give new look to Gmail | A Classic look
Here is what I did to make Gmail interface cool and easy to navigate.

1. Compact View: Click a wheel icon in upper right hand corner and then click 'Compact' option under display density. 

2. Change Theme Color: Click a wheel icon in upper right hand corner and then click 'Settings'.
Now select 'Themes' from various options listed one by another in a raw.
In color themes, click 'Dusk' (A blue color type theme).

3. Enable Preview Pane: Click a wheel icon in upper right hand corner and then click 'Settings'.
Now select 'Labs' from various options listed one by another in a raw.
In labs list, scroll down to find 'Preview Pane' lab and click 'Enable' next to it and then scroll down and then click 'Save Changes' button at the bottom. Now wait for Gmail to re-load and then click icon before wheel icon and then click 'Vertical Split'.

4. Install Gmail Ad RemoverFirst click here to install Greasemonkey add-on and then  click here to access Gmail Ad Remover and then click Install button in upper right hand corner.Once both Greasemonkey and Gmail Ad remover installed, refresh your Gmail page and Ad will be gone. 

Once you make all above mentioned changes you will see a complete new Gmail look, see above screen-shot (Sample) to know how know my Gmail account looks like.

Do you have any feedback or have any difficulty following these steps, please do write to us.

How to search photos by color in Google

How to search photos by color in Google
How to find favorite personalities photos in various dress colors.

Do you want to see favorite people's photo in specific dress color, like I wanted to see Kareena kapoor in red dress and green dress.  

Steps to find people's photos in color by Google image color search

2. Enter name of your favorite celebrity, favorite person.
3. Now scroll down and click (choose) color under section 'Any Color' in lower left hand corner.

That's it, the moment you select the 'color' option you would start seeing that person's image only in that color.

Note: Sometime you might see some other color along with the color you have chosen that is because those images might have the same color in background or in any other thing.

Example: When I had searched for Kareena Kapoor in blue color, I found one image in which Kareena Kapoor had black swimming costume, this is because their was water in the photo which has blue color.

How to find people photo by face in Google

How to find people photo by face in Google
Do you just want to find photo of your friend, favorite actor, actresses, it is more easier now with the help of Google Face Image Search. Isn't it amazing?

Earlier when we would want to see anyone's image (picture) we would see mix type of result but now we can see particular person's image only. This makes it easier to find your friend on Google Search with Google's Face image search technique.

Steps to find people photo by Google face search 

2. Enter name of your friend or any other person (celebrity etc.)
3. Now scroll down and click 'Face' under section 'Any Type' in lower left hand corner.

That's it, the moment you select the 'Face' option you would start seeing that person's image only.

Benefits of searching people with face.

1. Easy to make photo collection.
2. Easy to identify your old friend.

How to find old photos from Google Image Search

How to find old photos from Google Image Search
Let's see how to find old photos in Google Image Search, From long time I was thinking how can I find old photos of my favorite actors, actresses, famous people but it wasn't that straight forward task as we have to go through various websites to find old photo of any celebrity.

I came across a shortcut to find old photos, the easier and faster way, wouldn't you want to know how you can find your favorite personalities childhood photos, how he or she looked.

Steps to find old photos from Google face search 

2. Enter name of your friend or any other person (celebrity etc.)
3. Now scroll down and click 'Black and White' under section 'Any Color' in lower left hand corner.
4. Now click 'Face' under section 'Any Type' in lower left hand corner.

That's it the moment you select the 'Face' option you would start seeing that person's all images in black & white photo's (old photo's) which will include both childhood, young, and latest images.

You can click 'Large' option under 'Any size' in lower left hand corner to see only bigger pictures.

Alternatively you can search with Google query Childhood picture of .......(Famous people name) in Google Search as well.

Benefits of searching people with black & white search.

1. Easy to find very old photos
2. No need to access multiple websites, all photos gets displayed in a single window with face.

Check out: Indian Actors, Actresses Childhood photos. I had found this link after following above steps.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

How to stop Facebook name new device

How to stop Facebook name new deviceDo you get a prompt while logging on to your Facebook a/c? with a message stating following. 

Name New Device
Please give this device a name. Because you have Login Notifications enabled, you will receive a notification that you logged in from this machine.

Please see screenshot to see how to the message box looks like.

This message appears only when you login from other devices like mobile, desktop computer, laptop, friend's mobile, laptop etc. Facebook has setup this to increase your Facebook account security. 

Let's see how we can disable name new device message from Facebook login page.

How to stop receiving Facebook 'Name new device' message at log in.

1. Login to your Facebook a/c.

2. Click 'Don't Save' when you get 'Name new device' message.

3. Now click Home menu in top right hand corner and click 'Account Settings'.

4. Now click 'Security' option in top left hand corner.

How to stop Facebook name new device
5. Now click 'Edit' next to 'Login Notifications'

6. Now 'uncheck' checked mark next to Email and Text and click 'Save Changes'.

Please see screenshot for further information.

Facebook's new security feature 'Name new device' doesn't seems to work as expected and it keep asking to enter device name even though you have already specified name and login from that same device only.

Please do share your experience with this issue? We are happy to hear from you.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Software Installation Troubleshooting

Software Installation Troubleshooting
Common Software installation troubleshooting guide

- Make sure you follow: How to install software application guide which must be read by everyone to successfully any application. 

- Disable UAC (User Access Control) applicable only for Windows 7, Server 2008 OS.

- Disable Antivirus (McAfee, Norton etc.) as sometime they may block some exe files get executed.

Software Troubleshooting Tools 

- Event Viewer
- MSI Installer log files.
- Err tools from Microsoft.

Software Troubleshooting Over Internet

- Technet Forums
- Expert-Exchange.

 - If you followed all the above steps correctly then your software installation will complete without any issue else you might encounter errors.

- If you find error in installation then re-check whether you have followed all the above mentioned steps.

- If still issue continues than search about the error on Google search, everyone's best friend on finding information, solution etc.

Software Installation Do's and don'ts

Software Installation Do's and don'ts
Software Installation Do's

- Download only stable version of the product, if the product is released recently than wait for reviews unless you are in hurry.

- Do scan (Antivirus scanning) the software application setup file and if virus found don't run the setup, try downloading the setup from other reliable (trusted) website.

- Do defrag computer hard disk after software installation completion.

- Reboot the computer if after software installation you get prompted to reboot, do not avoid it.

- Read the software license agreement carefully.

- If you are installing a new software and not aware about it then take out sometime to read a review about it.

Software Installation Don'ts:

- Do not double click the software installation (Exe, MSI) file without scanning.

- Do not use cracked (Pirated) software’s, instead prefer downloading open source software as an alternative. visit SourceForge.net for alternative software's.

Following this Do's, Dont's and software installation guide you will keep your computer away from viruses 

Do you have any thought or any comment on this? Please do share your views with us.

How to install software application

How to install software application
Complete software installation guide for common computer users. It might not be easier for people other than techsavvy to install software application.

This guide is applicable for all type of computer software application installation be it Windows, Mac, Linux, may be some steps might get excluded.

Pre Software Installation Tasks: Tasks which you will perform before installing software.

1. Identity which product version do you requires downloading 32bit or 64bit, click here to find difference.

2. Check whether your system meets both software and hardware requirement, for this check product guide.

3. Download the software application from reliable website.

4. Once download completes, scan it, if virus scanner is outdated update it first and then scan it.

5. If downloaded file is compressed than decompress it first, as without decompressing you can't install the software.

6. Now read the read me text file inside the decompressed folder, this file contains installation steps, known issues etc.

7. Finally, double click the installation (MSI, EXE) file and complete the setup wizard, by clicking next, next and accept software licensing agreement.

Post Software Installation Tasks: Tasks which you will perform after software installation.

1. If installation completes successfully follow below steps else read:Software Installation Troubleshooting and also read Software installation do's and don'ts

2. Reboot your computer, if software prompts to reboot, in general I would advice to reboot the server after any software installation.

3. Once server is up again after reboot, perform disk defragment

How to restart browser | Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome

How to restart browser | Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome
Many a time our browser requires to be restarted while surfing Internet, checking email and chatting this happens specially when we have opened so many websites or so many other applications are running on computer and browser stops responding.
What is browser restart?: Browser restart is closing and re-opening the browser.
What is a browser?: A browser is a Internet client software (i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome) 
which is used to access Internet websites.
Why do we require restarting browser?: Browser restart is required in following scenarios?
We are sharing reasons as to why we require restarting the browser.
1. Hang - Sometime our browser stops responding, this is usually when we open several websites all together or heavy file download is going on and at the same time our system is running low on resources.
2. Add-on installation - This is genuine reason to restart browser, this is similar to restarting computer after installing an application, although not every application requires to restart computer.
3. Scripts - Sometime website are loaded with many scripts and this scripts may take time to get loaded and in this situation either you can wait Or if even after waiting nothing helps then you will require to restart your browser.
How restart browser?: Click the 'X' button in your browser located on top right hand corner and then re-open the browser from 'All programs' list at start menu.

If you suspect that some newly installed Add-on might be causing the issue then click 'Tools' menu in your browser and then click 'Restart with Add-on disabled' option. 

Doing this will restart your browser without loading any Add-ons, this is useful for troubleshooting browser issues.
What can be done to avoid browser restart?: Although it is not possible to completely avoid this scenario, but if we take some measures than we can minimize such scenarios like: 

1. Install only genuine and required Add-ons, 
2. Keep closing tabs when you are done, 
3. If system is running on low resources than close other programs.

How to download blocked file

How to download blocked file
Sometime it become very irritating when the file (Games, software, music, movies etc.) you want to download is getting blocked by your office firewall. 

First of all such sites gets directly blocked by the firewall but some of us get access to file download link with the help of Google search engine and Google cache pages, if you are one of them than don't worry I had faced similar issue many of the time and found solution for it.

Steps to download blocked file:

1. Access Underget.com 

How to download blocked file
Wow, so simple and easy method to download files blocked by firewall.

Note: Underget.com site is down at this moment, the site should be up soon.

How to find alternative website

How to find alternative website
Sometime it happens that the site you want to access to perform certain action might be down due to maintenance or some technical problem. 

If this happens our work is at a stack, since time is very important we should look for alternative website like we know about one site to make a free logo and if that particular site is down then we should know other alternative website or if not then find out what is the best alternative website for that website. This will not only help us get our work done on time but in a efficient manner.

Let's see what can be done to find alternate (Similar) website.

How to find alternative website
1. Install SimilarSites add-on for your Mozilla Firefox browser from here .

2. Restart the browser once the add-on is installed.

3. Now access the site for which you want to find alternative website 

4. Now click on the big 'S' icon (Blue color) on your browser right hand top side corner.

5. This will list out all similar website related to the website.

Note: SimilarSites Add-on may not be able to provide alternative website for every website.

Free stress management software for mobile

Free stress management software for mobile
Although our Life is becoming easier with the help of latest technology enhancements, but stress is increasing in everybody's life and it become utmost important to live healthy and balanced life. 

While searching for article on Sneezing I found this app and thought of sharing with all of you. This is free mobile app for managing stress.

This application helps monitor our mood and help it improves over the period of time. We can add photos of our good memory or some laughter moments. Overall its a fun application.

I know just a mobile application won't help us cop up with stress but it requires to have our life well organized.

The application name is Moody Me and it is free app for Apple iPhone.

Click here to download this app and get detailed information about it.

Scan the QR code from above link to get it downloaded on your phone instantly.

How to find website sub domain list

How to find website sub domain list
Well there is no real quick way to find complete list of sub domains for a given website as far as what I know, but with the help of single Google query we could find out how many sub domains a website has and what the names of the sub domain sites are.

Steps to find website sub domain list

      1.    Access Google Search

      2.    Enter query like *.Google.com if you want to find sub domain list for domain (website) Google.com

    Example: *.Jesoba.com

      3.    Doing this will open up list of subdomain Google.com has along with various other result which may not be relevant for this query, now keep noting down the sub-domain names and keep moving to next search result page until you find couple of sub domain names.

Was this information helpful? Do you know better than this to find sub domain list? Please do share with us, we are happy to hear from you.

Google website list

Google website list
Google has grown a lot over a decade and has lot of popularity in the world.

Many of us would know what services or products Google has to offer but would not know Google’s website list and sub domain list hence we are sharing this information with all of my Blog readers.

Find out how many website Google has in total, Actually Google has top level domain for most of the countries, please see below top level country Google websites.


And many more...

For various services Google has created sub domain names under each top level domain name and major services are under Google.com domain name.

Even if Google has another domain name like froogle.com but when we try to access them we got redirected Google.com page only.

Please see below Google website list which are sub domains. Google Website domain list is organized in alphabetical order.


Sunday, 16 September 2012

Distance between two places | Find with Google Tool

Distance between two places | find with Google Tool

I thought of writing this article when I found it difficult to find distance between two places but somehow I managed to get the distance in km (kilometer), meter etc.

This article will help you find distance between office to home, distance between home to college, distance between offices and between any other places, location. 

 How to find distance between two places.

Things you would need:

1. Access to Google Maps
2. Name of two places (Cities, Village, Town, Area etc.)

Steps to find (calculate) distance between two places.

1. Click here to access Google Maps.
2. Now search for the location you want to calculate distance for.
3. Now Zoom In by moving the bar towards + sign.
4. Click 'Google Labs' hyperlink in left hand corner at bottom.
5. This would open a pop-up screen in the browser itself.
6. Now 'Enable' 'Distance Measurement Tool' and click 'Save Changes'. By default it is disabled.

Steps 1 to Steps 6 are for only time.

Distance between two places example

7. Now click on the Scale icon to find distance between two places. Check the above image to see how scale icon looks like.
8. This will open up 'Distance Measurement Tool' in right pane.
9. Now click on road near place A, once you click location, you will see a green flag.
10. Now click on road near place B, once you click location, you will see a red flag with a red line automatically getting drawn between this places.
11. Check left hand pane for calculated distance.


- Do not click on location (Place name), click only on road near by it.
- If you have selected incorrect location then click 'Reset' in left hand pane. 
- It takes 10 to 12 minutes to walk 1 kilometer distance.

In Above image we calculated the distance between marine lines station, Mumbai to H2O.

Are you still finding it difficult to find distance between two places, cities etc. 

Please don't hesitate leave us a comment and we will help you out. 
Share with us how you used to calculate distance between places earlier?

Sunday, 9 September 2012

How to find related articles?

How to find related articles?
Do you have original article \ post link with you and want to find similar article related to it? We have simple solution for this.

We will guide you with example to find related (similar) article.


- Suppose you have article with title: Usage timer job failed - Event 8075 (SharePoint 2010 Products) and article URL is http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff453926.aspx

- Access Google Search page and past the article URL in it, this will open the link in Google Search.

- Now move your cursor over the actual post URL link in it, doing this will help you see two arrows like this >> put your cursor on this arrows, now click a Similar link.

- Clicking similar links would open all related articles list.

- If you can't see similar link than this means Google can’t find related article for your article.

Note: All articles may not have option to view similar article.

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