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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Why to create website?

Why to create website? who should create website?
Why To Create Website?

Know why should you create website?, What is the benefit of website?, Is it worth creating website?, Will it help grow your business?, Who should create website?

I am sure you will have these questions in mind when you think of creating website or when someone suggest you to create (make, setup) a website.

I am sure you are very much curious to know answers of all above mentioned questions, let us move ahead with the answers without any wait.

Q1. Why should you create website?

Ans. Below are the 5 reasons, why you should create website.

1. To reach more people and increase your network base.

2. To make your product or service popular and available anywhere in the world.

3. To let people read your Blog, watch your documentary, movies, sell your skills etc.

4. To be famous and available.

5. To make money by selling product, service, and by blogging etc.

6. Setup online store with nominal investment.

7. To Share any news, updates etc

And the list goes on.....

Q2. What is the benefit of website?

Ans. The answer to this question is very simple, growing business and making more money with your own comfort, your online store is open 24/7 so you make money all time through out the day, week, year and years.

  1. Earn from advertisement.
  2. Earn by selling product or service.


Amazon.com : The biggest giant in selling things online, Amazon earned 631 million in the year 2011.

Facebook.com : The biggest social networking site has earned 1184 million in quarter 2 in 2012.

Blogger.com : A new Blogger who has been blogging for couple of months would earn around 20 $ (1000 INR) and advanced Blogger would around 10000 $ (5,00,000 INR) monthly.

Q3. Is it worth creating website?
Ans. Definitely without any doubt, but provided you do a thorough check for what subject, Idea you are setting-up website, who are your consumer, what is market trend etc. 

Do not make Internet a junk by posting duplicate content, if you have something unique to write or a unique idea then only you will get benefited.
Writing duplicate content or copy paste job will never help you. 

If you register for site name whatisinternet.com as lot of queries comes on Google for this query, then don't think that your website will appear on top of the Google search result page.

Examples: Google.com, YouTube.com, Naukri.com, Shaddi.com, Facebook.com, LinkedIn.com, Way2sms.com, SnapDeal.com etc.

Q4. Will it help you grow your business?

Ans. Yes, definitely it will help you grow your business, provided you have done SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website so that your websites comes up on first page of Google Search result and your business, work gets noticed by people.

Example: One of my friends uncle used to make unique designs T-shirts, one day someone suggested him to setup website so that he can be reached by people anywhere in the world.
After some thoughts, he decided to setup his own website where he would upload all his creative designs sample which are already sold to someone, after website his business has grown rapidly, his profit and staff too have increased.

Q5. Who should create website?

Ans. Following business domain should think of creating website to setup online identity.

1. Magazine company
2. News Paper company
3. Product and service company
4. Recruitment firm.
5. To earn money from blogging, although there are free blogging service and you can get custom name but I would recommend to register your personal website name and then use free Blogger service (Blogger, WordPress etc.).

And the list goes on.....

Note: Recently Croma (a TATA Enterprise) and Vijay Sales, both retail electronics stores has gone online to reach more consumer and be available online all the time.

- The way information technology gas grown, I must say everyone should think of creating website or at least a blog (with Free service).

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Author : Pankaj // 05:53

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