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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Website Tips and Tricks | Part 4

Website Tips and Tricks | Part 4
This is continued part of the first post Website Tips and Tricks | Part 3

We are going to share with you remaining 5 points for the topic: Website Tips and Tricks.

Here are the Website tips and tricks after 17th point:

17. Call back option: If you run a business website or a online store, you must provide a call back option, so that consumers don't have to call, your customer support team will call them back.

18. Chat Option: Make sure you get chat option configured and mention chat availability time, configure the chat option in such a way that if your chat support tech is offline than on website chat status would get changed to red, with sorry for inconvenience message.

19. Product Demonstration: Make sure you have a product demo available on your website, a Video demo is better than just document or presentation file.

20. Achievements: Do mention all your business achievements, awards etc on main page of your website. This will help you gain consumer confidence.

21. Regular Website patching: It is utmost important to have your website up and running all the time (24x7) and for that you must keep updating the security patches/updates on the site or your web hosting provider must do website patching as and when new patch is released.
I would just to provide an option to end user wherein they can subscribe for alert so that as soon as the site become available they will get email notification, this will help your user (consumer) not to refresh your website to check whether it is up.

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Are we missing something? Or you have suggestions to add up here? We would be glad to hear from you, also let us know if you have any query or need any help, we are happy to help you.

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