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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Website Tips and Tricks | Part 3

Website Tips and Tricks | Part 3
This is continued part of the first post Website Tips and Tricks | Part 2

We are going to share with you remaining 10 points for the topic: Website Tips and Tricks.

Here are the Website tips and tricks after 12th point:

12. Earning from Website: If you have a blog website or forum and have configured Ad (Advertisement) on the site then make sure you do not end-up add more than 3 Ad's on your site pages as they will create problems and also will not help you earn more from Ad. Also, many Ads’ on website page would force users to leave your website soon.

13. Website Design: Trust me, the website design matters a lot, a website is like your Internet office (i-Office), opened all the time (24x7), the office should be neat and clean, things should be placed in ordered. The website design should match to your business to make positive impact on your user, e consumers. 

14. Website Navigation: The site should be easier to navigate, it shouldn't be confusing and your user shouldn't get lost. If they get lost then they would think twice to access your website next time. I can give you couple of bad websites examples if you want. They have set negative impact in my mind and I avoid surfing those site.

15. Website Usages report: Setup an reporting software or request web hosting provider for site usages report so that you can see how your website is performing over the time and what can be done to increase the site traffic.

16. Old is Gold: If you don't have a website than prefer buying old exiting website names which are available for sale, it is very much beneficial, but the cost of existing website domain name is higher than new website domain name registration.

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