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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Website Tips and Tricks | Part 1

Website Tips and Tricks | Part 1
Do you own a website or planning to setup a website for yours or someone? 
I have reviewed thousands of websites over the years on Internet and some of the website does not leave a good user experience.

We will share with you all the Website Tips and Tricks you must follow for your website to become popular, to be first on Google,  to be search engine friendly, and get high Internet traffic etc.

21 Website Tips and Tricks for successful Website Hosting 

We have ordered the tips and tricks in an order wherein the most commonly used website tips and tricks are kept at the bottom and new tips and tricks are kept on top range.

1. Regular updates: Sometime companies do change office address or setup another branch office or retail outlet, these changes should get updated on your website as soon as possible, also update site immediately if contact number changes or new product version gets released.

2. Maintenance Notification: Are you going to perform any maintenance on your web server, or your web hosting company is doing any maintenance which would lead to downtime, ask your web hosting provider to alert you in advance so that you put up a 'Notification Message' on your website, this will help your user/consumer know that their is scheduled maintenance planned.

3. Alternate Page: Suppose your website gets down due to some unknown reasons, then make sure you set up a redirection page which will let your readers know that their is some issue with the site and site will be back online soon, here the important thing is to mention time line of recovery, approximately when your website will be up and running.

4. Social Media Integration: Create Pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube so that you can reach more people and from time to time you can share latest products details, offers etc.

5. Website Optimization: Make sure your website run at optimum level, asks your web administrator to optimize the site.

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Author : Pankaj // 23:52

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